Personalized Plates
Updated 11/19/2020
Personalized License Plates
Eagle Scouts, their parents, and Order of the Arrow members can support Scouting by proudly displaying the official Eagle Scout or Order of the Arrow license plate on their Missouri-registered vehicles.
Eagle Scout Plate
Any Eagle Scout or parents of an Eagle Scout may receive special license plates

Order of the Arrow Plate
Any member of the Order of the Arrow may receive special license plates

Step 1
Complete the Emblem Use Authorization Statement form
Step 2
Make a special contribution to the Ozark Trails Council
  • $25 minimum is required for 1 year
  • $50 minimum is required for 2 years
Ozark Trails Council, Inc.
Boy Scouts of America
1616 S. Eastgate Ave
Springfield, MO 65809
Step 3
Receive an Authorized Signature on the Emblem Use Authorization Statement form by turning in your form and contribution to the Council Office. You will need a copy for the DMV.

Step 4
Complete the Application for Missouri Personalized
and Special License Plates form. Below, are fees charged by the state.
  • $15 for 1 year of registration
  • $30 for 2 years of registration
Step 5
Turn in your forms to your nearest License Office!
Ozark Trails Council | (417) 883-1636 |