Do you have a proper maintenance plan in place?
Eagle Technology receives Milwaukee 7 Export Development Grant

The Milwaukee 7, in collaboration with JPMorgan Chase, awards Export Development Grants to help manufacturers, companies selling a proprietary product line, and service-based companies grow in international trade.
The companies comprising the first wave of grants come from a variety of industries and include Wisconsin manufacturers and service providers alike.

The Milwaukee 7, launched in September 2005, was formed to create a regional, cooperative economic development platform for the seven counties of southeastern Wisconsin

Eagle Technology will be using MK7 grant for international expansion in Germany, France, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Russia.
Do you have a proper maintenance plan in place?

If your business waits for equipment to burn out or fail to address maintenance needs, you will end up spending more money fixing the problem than maintaining it. This is the curse of the "why fix something it if it isn't broken" approach.

The solution is to implement a CMMS that preserves assets and keeps them running in optimum condition to ensure they achieve their maximum life expectancy.

Make Smarter Maintenance Decisions and Reduce Cost Using a CMMS.

Proteus CMMS provides a scalable, versatile web-based solution to manage your facility or plant's maintenance management needs.

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