This phenomenon has created a unique opportunity to view eagles along the channel. A partnership between DTE, The US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the International Wildlife Refuge Alliance formed in 2010 to offer the chance for a certain number of people to pile into agency vehicles for a guided tour through the power plant property to view the spectacle along the channel. (Photo by Brian Kaufman-Detroit Free Press) The interactions between the eagles competing for fish is fascinating and very vocal. Interactions between eagles and other bird species is often action packed. Unfortunately, this human opportunity is on hold for now due to the Covid pandemic, but the eagles are still fishing! 

Bald eagles are appearing in unexpected places in the region. Despite all the activities on Belle Isle State Park, in the middle of the Detroit River, an eagle pair built a nest there and are frequently seen on and around the island. Another pair built a spacious home in Detroit’s Woodmere Cemetery.

Other likely eagle viewing locations include Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair Metroparks, and Pointe Mouillee State Game Area, which can provide good looks of eagles in all weather, including eagles out on the Great Lake ice. Crosswinds Marsh and Humbug Marsh, “the gem” of the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge, are regular haunts of local eagles. Just north of Humbug Marsh, on Jefferson Avenue, check out John D. Dingell Park. Mud Island, across from the park, is a possible eagle fishing site, too. So keep looking up for large, soaring birds resembling flying 2 x 4s looking for open water to grab a bite!