The World Through Lucy's Eyes!

Dear Two-Legged Friends, 


Humans often say that the eyes are the window to the soul. So I wanted to let you see the world through my eyes, and I'm going to start by telling you a secret about dogs. No matter whom you are or what you're doing, we really want to help. It's in our nature. And right now, I want to help you understand the work I do.


My name is Lucy, I'm a yellow Labrador retriever and I work as a diabetic alert dog. 


I was born in 2010 at Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), which is located in Santa Rosa, CA. For 16 months I learned to live in the human world ... first with my puppy raiser ... then at CCI's training headquarters.  Learning the basics of assistance dog work was fascinating.  I loved the community play times and working daily on new skills.  As I progressed, though, it became apparent that I had a fear of escalators and elevators. CCI knew I would still be a great service dog (I have a fabulous nose), and sent me to Early Alert Canines (EAC) to learn the art of being a Diabetic Alert Dog.  


At EAC, I learned to smell, detect and alert on the chemical changes that occur in the human body when blood sugars shift out of safe ranges. For someone with diabetes, this can happen multiple times in a twenty-four hour period, at any time of day or night. Correcting these imbalances is a matter of life and death, so diabetics need every available tool at their disposal to identify and act on these shifts as quickly as possible. I was a quick study and learned how to identify the scents and alert the humans that there was a problem.  


Today I work for Nicolas and Jacob, two Type 1 diabetic brothers. My job is to watch over them both, alerting their family when their blood sugars get too high or too low. Even when their blood sugars are in safe ranges, I'm there to help them feel confident, supported and loved. I'm like a best friend and a super-advanced medical alert system all rolled into one. I don't like to brag, but I honestly don't know what they'd do without me... 


In the past three years, EAC has placed 28 diabetic alert dog teams.These teams are from all over California as well as Oregon and include diabetics of every age. There are still so many families, though, that desperately need a dog like me; a dog who can ease the burden of diabetes management, a dog that saves lives. 


If I could, I'd help every diabetic out there-but I'm just one dog. So today I'm trying to help make sure EAC can keep training dogs like me by asking you to send them a generous tax-deductible contribution. A donation of any size is appreciated by EAC and the families of diabetics that they support. I'd beg, but I have better manners than that. 



Love, Lucy





Please Help LUCY pay it forward for the next diabetic team by 

donating generously TODAY!





A Note From Carol Edwards

Thank you for taking the time to read Lucy's tale. Through her eyes we can see how important it is for each of us to make a commitment to providing trained diabetic alert dogs to those who would welcome the help they're so eager to give.  


Lucy is a very special dog, and EAC is a very special organization.  We have a proven track record with 28 successful service dog teams, a dedicated and determined staff, and an engaged board of directors who are passionate business people, clients, and experts in the field of dog training.  Together, we are all committed to Early Alert Canine's success.  Won't you please join us?  


Today we're asking for your help to continue making dogs like Lucy available to diabetics and their families. When you give, you help make sure that we can pay our amazing trainer, keep our dogs in good health and keep our facility running from day to day. As a non-profit organization we are committed to never charging for our dogs and receive most of our funding from people just like you - people who really want to help. 


We would love for you to be part of our mission and our achievements. Won't you help pay it forward for the next diabetic team by sending us a generous gift today? Together we can make a real difference in the life of a diabetic-not to mention the dog that wants to help them. 


Thank you so much,








Please Help LUCY pay it forward for the next diabetic team by donating generously TODAY!



What Makes Early Alert Canines Different?


EAC is the only non-profit diabetic alert dog program on the West Coast that was established primarily to service children under the age of 12. Though in desperate need of diabetic alert dogs, this community has traditionally been excluded from DAD programs. EAC's skilled companion program addresses this need and has proven to be very successful.


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Early Alert Canines is an incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

Our tax ID is #27-4237968. 

Operating as an independent, non-profit charitable organization.