Recently my husband and I were enjoying our first 4 day overnight trip on our boat and I couldn't help but think about how much advocacy is like boating.  My husband is captain (at least of the boat!) and is most comfortable with navigation, steering, etc., but for a trip like this we each had our role.  I had paper and electronic navigation charts that complemented and gave different perspectives of the water as we were headed toward our destination points.
Most of the trip was smooth, but there were some challenging situations with huge swells, engine overheating and fog.
I thought about how valuable it was to have additional information and two people thinking about how to navigate well - each of us brought our perspective - but it was ultimately the captain who decided on what actions to take (much like the patient role in advocacy).
When we encountered high waves, we were looking between our charts and out on the water, also listening for potential boats and other hazards.  It took all of our concentration to stay safe.  When the engine overheated due to seaweed blocking the cooling system, we had to stop the boat, put on our life vests.  Mike was in the back of the boat checking the engine while I temporarily sat in the captain's seat.  He gave me directions to lift the engine, turn the wheel.  Together we checked to make sure it was safe to resume.
Navigating healthcare can be like that too, right? The 'fog' of the healthcare journey can really benefit by having an advocate by our side.  
As we step into our national rebranding to HealthAdvocateX, we are hopeful that together, we can advance the health advocacy movement, so that more people understand the value of advocacy and that it becomes a very common aspect of all health and health care decisions.  Join us at our National Conference November 5-6, 2020 to learn more about where we are going!
Stay safe and mask up,

Robin Shapiro
WASHAA Board Chair

When: September 17, 2020 | 4:00pm - 6:30pm (PST)
Where: Online via Zoom (Register Here)
Cost: $15 for WASHAA Members | $20 for Non-Members

TOPIC: Success Strategies for Advocates During COVID-19

We are fortunate to have Melissa Cardine, MSN, RN, WOCN, BCPA, Owner and Director of Bridge RN and incoming President of the Patient Advocate Credentialing Board (PACB), who will be sharing information and leading a discussion on applying specific advocate business strategies for success during COVID-19.  Join Professional Advocates and other allied professionals in a virtual networking event designed to support your health advocacy business. Be ready to learn and share what is working in terms of business development and practice. Note: You do not have to be a WASHAA member to attend this event!

Join us November 5-6, 2020 for our National Virtual Conference focused on health advocacy!

When: September 5-6, 2020 
Where: Online (Register Here)
Cost: $36-$65 (Early Bird rates through Oct. 6!)

We are looking forward to hosting advocates, providers, allied health businesses, patients and caregivers as we gather (virtually!) to explore the topic of Whole Person Advocacy: Integrating Mental Health.

Early Bird Registration is now open through October 6, along with some time-sensitive, limited opportunities related to the conference:
  • Snag an Xperience Box-- A limited number of Xperience Boxes will be available for purchase ($30 plus shipping) to help enhance your participation in the conference. These physical boxes will be filled with fun, educational and useful items to help you engage with the content and networking opportunities offered at the conference.  Boxes will be delivered about a week before the conference.
  • Attend a Recorded Session Live -- A few sessions will be pre-recorded as an on-demand offering during the conference.  By buying an Early Bird Ticket, you may be offered the opportunity to attend a session live, as we record it, giving you special access to our speakers. 
  • Early access to the Whova App -- We will be hosting our conference through Whova, which is a desktop and phone App.  By registering early, you will have early access to look around and engage in the conference, attendees and exhibitors.

We are working hard to make this conference a really special, valuable way to connect, learn and experience advocacy.  We look forward to seeing you in November!
Mental and behavioral health issues plague our society, but it wasn't until recently that research has proven that including mental health management into clinical care can improve health outcomes and save money.  What does this mean for patient care?  Many states have a goal of integrating mental health into primary care, but is this really happening? Our 8th Annual Conference will explore innovative health care models and programs that show us how integrative health strategies can heal the whole person.   While we will be meeting in a virtual environment, please plan join us for a whole day of learning, engaging with our community and practicing techniques in an interactive and fun way.

Join a New Generation of Professionals who Help People Navigate the Healthcare System
Assumption University's fully online Health Advocacy program imparts the knowledge, skills, competencies and habits of mind necessary for aspiring and established healthcare professionals to pursue careers in case management and health advocacy. Our program integrates key elements of ethics, policy, economics, technologies, disease/disabilities and relational dynamics with an emphasis on individual-level case management. 

Graduates from the Health Advocacy program will operate from strengths-based, culturally sensitive frameworks that value, respect and empower clients/patients and enhances healthcare organizations and systems.
Check out their website at:
Banister Advisors, LLC is a professional services firm that helps clients gracefully navigate some of life's most overwhelming circumstances.  Our focus includes health crisis, complex eldercare, end-of-life, and bereavement.  Banister's team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring that client concerns are addressed discreetly, efficiently, and appropriately. Our backgrounds span client services, clinical social work, strategy consulting, law, licensed mental health, mediation, pastoral care, and hospitality. We collaborate with world-class partners to deliver outcomes for clients using a compassionate, team-based approach. With offices in Seattle and Portland, we serve clients around the world using remote, in-person, and hybrid models.
Check out their website at

Other Meetings & Events You Might Enjoy
A Day for Brain Cancer Patients & Caregivers presented by the EndBrainCancer Initiative and the Washington State Health Advocacy Association (WASHAA). 

Join us to support and uplift brain cancer patients and their caregivers. All brain cancer patients welcome! A unique opportunity to virtually meet other brain tumor patients as well a provide your unique perspective as a patient or caregiver. 

This year's event will feature breakout sessions where patients and caregivers will be able to provide their perspective on topics such as: 
  • Named Funds with EBCI to Facilitate DIRECT Patient Access to Treatments & Research
  • Clinical trial design...the "patient voice" on what's needed
  • Quality of Life...what really matters to patients in survivorship

This year you either learned or affirmed that time waits for no one and nothing!
If Professional Patient Advocacy is Your Passion...
Do What You Love!
Don't Let Later Turn into Never. 
Register for the Fall BCPA Exam!

If you missed our WASHAA Annual Meeting on Pain & Healing, you can now access the individual presentations and earn BPCA CEUs.  The presentations require that you register online, pay a minimal fee and take a quiz in order to receive BPCA CEU credit.  

Documentaries & Discussions About Aging in the LGBTQ Community
Empower advocates/navigators to work with Trans/NB folks on their transition journeys and help with the confusing, ever-changing rules, regulations, laws, insurance hoops and gatekeepers.
LGBTQ Home Movies, 'Reel In The Closet'
When: September 10, 2020 | 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM (PDT)
Where: Online Event
Cost: FREE!
Join us for a screening of the award-winning documentary, 
Reel In The ClosetOften set against the backdrop of the headline moments of the last century, this documentary is queer history from the perspective of queer people. Rare and intimate, this collection of home videos will take you into the personal and human moments of everyday queer people throughout the last century. 

Following the screening, there will be a discussion and Q&A with the filmmaker and a panel of Shropshire area LGBTQ advocates. 

When: September, 17, 2020 | 4:00 PM (PDT)
Where: Online Event
Cost: FREE!
Join us for a screening of the groundbreaking documentary, 
Gen Silent. This award-winning film follows a handful of LGBTQ people as they navigate their identities in a long-term care system that isn't always accepting.

Following the screening, there will be a discussion and Q&A with the filmmaker and a panel of Shropshire area LGBTQ aging advocates, who will share how they are making it a safer place to age without discrimination. 

WASHAA Calendar
September 17: Professional Networking Meeting (Register Here)
September 18: EndBrainCancer Brain Tumor TOGETHER & ACTION Day (Register Here)
October 7: Case Review (Members Only)
November 6: WASHAA Annual Conference - Whole Person Advocacy: Integrating Mental Health (Register Here)
December 6: Professional Networking Meeting

Although WASHAA speakers can give presentation on many topics, here are a few of our popular presentations: 
  • Advance Care Planning (In partnership with Honoring Choices)
  • Taming Your Medicine Cabinet
  • The ABCs of an Effective Doctor Visit
  • Patient Know More...Patient No More!
  • The Emerging Field of Health Advocacy 
  • Safe & Sound in the Hospital: A Short Course in Patient Safety 
  • Volunteer Health Advocate Training: Understanding the Role & Skills to Be Effective
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