HPA has brought together some of the very best national and local experts, researchers, therapists and authors for this convention. Don't miss these excellent workshops, symposiums, panel discussions and presentations.  Participants will be able to earn up to 12 CE credits that directly apply towards license renewal.
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Convention Highlights
Keynote Presentation (full day):
Better Results: Using Deliberate Practice to Improve Your Therapeutic Effectiveness
- Scott D. Miller, PhD (6 CE)
Mindfulness in the Age of Smartphones and Incessant Distraction
- Thomas Cummings, PhD (1.5 CE)
Teens and Screens: The Next Addiction Epidemic Requiring Informed Psychological Support 
- Laura S. Anderson, PsyD  (1.5 CE)
Treating Out of Control Sexual Behavior 
- Janet Brito, PhD & Molly Winterrowd, PSY (.75 CE)
Dynamic Perspectives: Climate, Clinical and Gender Impact on Human Trafficking 
- Nancy M. Sidun, PsyD, Irma Barron, PhD & Indhushree Rajan, PhD (1.5 CE)
Keynote Presentation:
Clinical Work With the Digital Generation
- Helen Hsu, PsyD  (1.5 CE)
Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 
- Akihiko Masuda, PhD  (1.5 CE)
Kink 101
- Janet Brito, PhD  (1.5 CE)
Understanding Social Media's Impact to Promote Positive Psychological Wellbeing
- Sally Chung, PsyD  (1.5 CE)
Gun Violence, Gun Laws and Gun Permits: Where Do We Go From Here?
- Melissa Villalon, PsyD (1 CE)
Keynote Presentation:
Benefits of Meditation for Treating Trauma and Anxiety-Related Disorders
- James Spira, PhD, MPH, ABPP  (1.5 CE)
Ageism in Society, Psychology, and You
- Lucas Morgan, PhD  (1.5 CE)
Does Tequila Make Clothes Fall Off? Myths and Truths About Alcohol
- Diane Logan, PhD (1.5 CE)
Disaster Mental Health: The Impact of Media on Public Relations, Beliefs and Behavior 
- Ryan I. Yamane, MSW, MBA (1.5 CE)
Beyond Cyber-Bullying: Rapidly Evolving Forums Impacting Youth Social Structures 
- Helen Hsu, PsyD (1.5 CE)
Keynote Presentation:
Uncharted Territory: The Changing Landscape of Family Life and Couples Relationships
- Stephanie Coontz (1.5 CE)
Keynote Presentation:
Self-Hypnosis Techniques for In-session and Inter-session Therapeutic Support 
- James Spira, PhD, MPH, ABPP  (1.5 CE)
Talking About Sex and Sexuality With Non-Binary and Transgender Teens 
- Laura S. Anderson, PsyD (.75 CE)
Transformation From Technologically Phobic Psychologist to International On Line Practitioner 
- Laura S. Anderson, PsyD  (1.5 CE)
Bicultural Identity Integration Amongst Native Hawaiian College Students 
- Kahanaaloha Kuikahi-Duncan, PhD (.5 CE)
Keynote Presentation:
Attention in the Age of Smartphone Distractions 
- Larry Rosen, PhD (1.5 CE)
FACETS: Exploring Potential IT Barriers to Health Care
- Charles Lepkowsky, PhD (1.5 CE)
A Snapchat Worthy Life: The Pitfalls of Seeking Moments to Post Rather Than Experience
- Meag-gan Ann O'Reilly, PhD  (1.5 CE)
Keynote Presentation:
Working With the Media: Things You Need to Know About Going Public
- Stephanie Coontz (1 CE)
Crisis Text Line: 24/7 Crisis Support at Your Fingertips
- Misha Harris, MA (1 CE)
Keynote Presentation:
Video Gaming in Clinical Practice: Leyline and Geek Therapy Techniques in Practice 
- Anthony M. Bean, PhD  (1.5 CE)
Implementing Evidenced-Based Care in a Large Healthcare System: Lessons Learned 
- Millard Brown, MD (.75 CE)
The Use of Technology With Rural Veterans at VA Pacific Islands Health Care System 
- Graciete Lo, PhD, Monica Thompson, PsyD & Sheryl A. Rivera, RN (.75 CE)
Serving the Mental Health Needs of College Students in Hawai'i 
- Alexander Khaddouma, PhD, Allyson Tanouye, PhD, Hannah Im, PsyD & Aris Banaag, MFT (1 CE)
Assisting First Generation Asian-American College Students in Acclimating to College 
- Koko Nishi, PsyD  (1.5 CE)
Keynote Presentation:
Telebehavioral Health: Legal & Ethical Best Practice Overview 
- Marlene M. Maheu, PhD  (1.5 CE)
Insurance Companies on Telehealth: Policies, Reimbursements and Procedures
- Hawai'i Insurance Companies and James Spira, PhD (1 CE)
Keynote Presentation:
Conversation on PSYPACT: Facilitating Telehealth Across Jurisdictional Boundaries
- Alex M. Siegel, JD, PhD (1 CE)
The Science and Art of Publishing in a Psychology Journal
- Bryan S. K. Kim, PhD (1.5 CE)
Hawai'i Practicum, Internship and Post-Doc Site Overview and Networking
Graduate Student and Early Career Psychologist Professional Development Program
The HPA Behavioral Health Convention
October 25 & 26, 2019

East-West Center Imin Conference Center
1777 East-West Road
Honolulu, HI 96848
Three of our presenters (Bean, Maheu and Rosen) will be joining us through a closed worldwide web connection. They will be able to see, hear and interact with the audience as if they were in the same room.
HPA is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. HPA maintains responsibility for this program and its content.
Can't attend in person? Registrants will have live webinar access to many of the workshops and presentations. Attend the convention from the comfort of your home or office.
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