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What do you get when you mix sun, snow and steam?
Find out at Yellowstone National Park in winter.
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I'm getting excited for all the adventures that lie ahead! Read on for some examples...
2020 Tours that have bookings:
You've got to see it to believe it! The Joshua tree is actually a type of Yucca plant, and is just one of the intriguing plants that thrive in this national park. The meeting of the Mojave and Sonoran deserts creates a wonder world ripe for exploration in February's winter sun.
From oceans to peaks, busy highways to quiet mountain roads, arid landscapes to lush irrigated valleys, California is a land of extremes. Our tour out of Santa Barbara presents an exciting new itinerary that enjoys the best of what California has to offer, including world class wineries, challenging hills, and plenty of sunshine.
This is our classic Rim to river to Rim hike from south to north. We have plenty of time to experience the south rim with all its hub-bub before we descend to the bottom of the canyon for a two night stay. Our ascent to the north rim will be celebrated with a dinner at the Grand Canyon Lodge! This is truly a bucket list tour.
Guests continue to love this moderate tour in Michigan's Lower Peninsula. We explore the coastlines of Michigan, including the Leelanau Peninsula, Charlevoix and Mackinac Island. The vehicle free island takes our attention for an entire day, before our return to Traverse City.
Our inaugural tour in the Adirondack Mountains showed us the rugged beauty of this unexpected area in the state of New York. We visit rounded hills, reflective lakes, a famous Great Camp, the top of the high peaks, chasms with sheer walls, and hidden trails. We stay in historic lodges as well as the resort town of Lake Placid. No other tour company runs a multi-day tour in this area, so don't miss this chance.
Two ways to enjoy Yellowstone:
Want to see it all? Our complete tour visits unique regions of Yellowstone, the country's first national park, with overnights at nearly all the entrance points. Our featured trails go up, down and around the extraordinary geological features of the area.
Here's a new look at our nation's oldest national park. Billowing clouds rising from the mud pots, ice crystals forming in the air as Old Faithful erupts, and multitude of bison keeping warm by the steam vents. Access is by snow coach over the snow packed roads, and an oasis of warm rooms and fine dining greets us in the Old Faithful area.