Early Black Friday Sale at CocoaPink
just in time for Halloween!
 These freakishly good deals end November 1st
Save 10% to 25% off your total purchase
Black Friday comes super early again this year at CocoaPink and to celebrate we have a great sale planned!  We will have 10% - 25% off all purchases on Friday, October 30, 2015 through Sunday, November 1, 2015.  The sale will commence sometime in the afternoon on the 31st (once we get everything programmed) and will end on the 1st. There will be no coupon code to enter.  Just shop and save, once you are ready to checkout, your cart will reflect the discount automatically.  We will refund all shipping overages over $1.00 that our cart may charge at the time your order ships.  

The discounts will work as follows:
10% off $25.00 and under
15% off $25.01 to $75.00
20% off $75.01 to $125.00
25% off $125.01 & up

We will again be opening up our scent list for you to order any scent or scent combo you desire on our Black Friday scent list (this list will be completed later this week).  Dram Perfume Vials, Solid Junket, UnderArm Candy deodorant, facial products and Meow will not be available for customized scents.

We will be adding a custom text box on all the products that a custom scent may be ordered, type your selection in the box for us to custom blend it for you.  Please do not choose a scent from our drop down box, only type your selection in the custom box if you are creating your own blend. Give us an idea of what you would like in the custom boxes such as 10% blueberry, 90% Vanilla Bean Noel, for a Blueberry Noel scent. Don't worry about being exact; we just need an idea of what you would like it to smell like.  We will adjust it as needed for the best possible scent combo.  We will email you if we have any questions about your request. Shower Butter, Solid Junket and SoufflĂ© Scrubs will also be on our site and available during the sale.  

Now for a little bad news, unfortunately  this year we are not going  to  have the help we have had in previous years.  We just  received  word about this and do not have time to hire and train anyone before we begin. Also, our business has increased almost double the usual workload over the last few months so we are not really sure  what  to expect during this sale.  We always  hope by having our Black Friday sale a lot earlier than usual that we will be able to get all the orders out in plenty of time for the holidays, this year  we can not make that guarantee.  We would say your best chance of getting your order by Christmas would be to definitely place your  order the first day of the sale. We are estimating a very long turn-around time with our sale this year, so please order with this in mind, any orders for special secret pals, etc should be aware that they might not make it by your deadline.  We will keep everyone posted as to what orders we are currently processing on the top right hand corner of our Website under DETAILS. Please understand, due to the volume of orders we will be handling, that we will not be able to combine, add additional items on or make any changes to orders once they are placed.  Orders will be completed in the order in which they are received.  Also, we do not offer any returns or exchanges of our products.  Please read our Terms and Conditions before placing an order.   

Online Promo Codes: NO CODE NEEDED
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2015 - NOVEMBER 1, 2015 

The Black Friday scent list will be up on our site before the sale begins.  Also, sample requests will only be honored for scent selection or product selection if available. If you would like to sample a scent, you will receive a perfume vial of that scent. Same with products, you will get a random product but not in a specific scent. So please be mindful of this on the sample request box at checkout.  There will be no rain checks for this sale.  If we run out of a limited stocked scent or if you have requested a discontinued scent we will contact you for another scent selection.