JUNE 2021
Published bi-annually by the IHPI Early Career Faculty Advisory Council

From the Chair
I am delighted to serve as the incoming chair of the Early Career Faculty Advisory Council (FAC). The mission of the FAC is to support IHPI leadership in promoting both the academic success and impact of research of early career faculty. I hope you will take a moment or two to learn more about the programs already in place at IHPI geared towards early career faculty, including grant writing bootcamps and mock study sessions as well as data access and methods support and the Emerging Scholars Exchange program. I have participated in the Mentoring Coffee Hour series, and have gotten to know faculty I might not otherwise have had a chance to network with. We want to hear about other ideas you may have, as well as the challenges you may be facing in these unprecedented times so that IHPI and the FAC can better support you in your academic journey. I hope you will reach out to myself or other FAC members with any ideas or needs you may have.
Sue Anne Bell
FAC Chair

Mentor Coffee Hour Series

Hosted by an IHPI senior faculty member who shares their professional experiences, mentorship style, and advice on how to navigate different mentoring / leadership questions.
IHPI Peer Mentor Group Program

The groups aim to promote professional and personal networking opportunities, provide a forum to discuss career and professional development, and foster a community of support.
Policy Engagement Office Hours

Attend office hours for advice on effective messaging for policy audiences, sharing your work with policymakers and stakeholders, and policy-oriented opportunities.
Early Career Faculty Workshop

The Early Career Faculty council hosted its fourth annual workshop with 36 attendees. Segments included: “Strategies for Surviving and Thriving when Working from Home During a Global Pandemic,” and “SMART Goals in Changing Times: How to Make 2021 a Great Year.”
SMART Goals in Changing Times:
Mid-Year Check-in for Early Career Faculty

July 22, 2021 | 10:00–11:30 am
2020 Emerging Scholars
Geoff Barnes, MD, MSc

Michelle Moniz, MD, MSc, FACOG

Next Call for Applications: Fall 2021
Celebrating 10 Years of Collaboration, Evidence, and Impact

Grant Proposal Repository

Site makes searching a growing collection of grant documents and data use agreements easy!

We would like to collect funded awards. If interested in contributing, send to IHPI-Grant-Development@med.umich.edu
Career Development Award Proposal Resources

IHPI offers a variety of services and resources that may be useful for members who are preparing career development award (K) proposals.
Additional Engagement Opportunities

Providing professional development, research, and education and training support for this cohort has been a strong focus for IHPI.

In case you missed it

Lenette Jones, PhD, RN
Work Looks a Little Different

Send your work from home photo with your pets/children to be featured in the next FAC newsletter.