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“All things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.”
Romans 8:28
Question : What good “according to his purpose” will come from this time of crisis when we are having a frightening worldwide health emergency?

One thing is certain it is having the effect of drawing people to their faith. Families whose members are separated from jobs and from neighbors are drawn together in prayer.

Many young Catholic parents, now isolated at home with their children, are heeding the Church’s call to be the faith leaders of their children.

We believe that in the weeks and months that follow this crisis, parents will be seeking opportunities to deepen their Catholic faith and the faith of their children. They will want to be with other young families, to share their stories of their time in family isolation and talk about how they relied on their faith to get through this difficult time. And to be affirmed in their faith by one another. The Early Catholic Family Life program provides an opportunity for this to happen.
Our next ECFL training is

Saturday, June 20 th
The Catholic Church of St. Peter
Richfield, MN

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Children love pretend play and it is essential for early childhood learning! Do you remember playing “house” and “store” and dress-up? More memorable still, for us Catholics, was playing Mass

Try pretending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass this week with your child!
It is easy, fun and very memorable! Imagining and pretending Church with you will grow your child’s understanding and awareness of the awesome gift of the Mass and will help focus their attention on the events of Mass when we are once again able to attend Mass.

What you will need.
A Crucifix, an altar (a small table), tabernacle (cardboard box with a door), a chalice (fancy goblet), paten (plate), vestment (old cloth or plastic table cloth with a hole cut in for the head to fit through), hosts (crackers or bread cut in small circle-shapes), holy water font (dish with water). Optional: small chairs with kneelers (thin throw pillows), and lectern with lectionary (table with a Bible).

What you can do.
Just like all dramatic play, you can play together, simply in the “church” in whatever way that your child imagines it. Try to follow your child’s lead. As you continue in play, you can add to their growing knowledge by adding some of the Mass responses and a little guidance, such as; “The Lord be with you, And with your Spirit”, “Lord, have mercy”, “Glory to God in the Highest” and “Holy, Holy, Holy”.  Include some familiar church songs, a short bible story (told or read), and lots of receiving of Holy Communion!
ECFL is dedicated to helping parents with small children to create a home that has a Catholic culture a home with Jesus at the center.