Capturing KM Enjoys An Early Childhood Celebration At Dousman Elementary 

Dr. Plum and Dr. Wiza visited with Early Childhood (EC) staff, students and families celebrating the end of their year at Dousman Elementary, which houses the program. Check out the video to learn more about our incredible EC staff and learn more about EC! 


Kettle Moraine Music Parents Association Awards More Than $4K In Grants

The KM Music Parents Association (KMMPA) extends a huge thanks to all who attended concerts and generously provided donations this year. KMMPA awarded more than $4,000 in grants supporting ukuleles for elementary schools, new music for high school choir, the guest conductor at the District Band Festival and flowers for graduating seniors across all music programs. 

Thank you to all the families who supported music in KM this year!  

SAVE THE DATE: Homecoming Chili and Mac and Cheese Dinner will be Friday, October 7, 2022!  


Laser Locker is THE PLACE TO SHOP for all things grads and dads. Golf shirts to patriotic tees, hats to grad-inspired water bottles, you'll find everything to celebrate your special someone!


Thursday, June 2: 2 – 5pm

Friday, June 3: 11am – 5pm

Sunday, June 5 (GRADUATION DAY) Noon – 2pm

Monday, June 6: 2 – 5pm

Tuesday, June 7: 11am – 5pm

Wednesday, June 8: 11am – 5pm

Thursday, June 9: 11am – 3pm

Friday, June 10: (FINAL DAY TO SHOP) 10am – 2pm 

Laser Locker is located just inside the main KMHS Campus entrance across from the library/media center.

Milwaukee-Mag-photoshoot-2 framed.png

KM Perform To Be Featured In Milwaukee Magazine's "Faces Of" Issue 

KM Perform staff and students were true professionals during their Milwaukee Magazine photo shoot this week. Our top-ranked arts and performance school will be the Face Of Arts & Performance Education in the Milwaukee area in the magazine's annual "Faces Of" section this August!


Spots in our 4K and 5K classes for 2022-23 are filling up fast!

5K in Kettle Moraine

Children who are 5 years old on or before September 1 may attend kindergarten this fall in the Kettle Moraine School District. The kindergarten program is held from 8:30 a.m. - 3:35 p.m. (except Thursdays with an Early Release at 3:05 p.m.) at every elementary school in the district. Where you live will determine which school your child will attend. Learn more about 5K!

4K in Kettle Moraine

Children who are four years old on or before September 1 may attend 4K beginning in the fall in the Kettle Moraine School District. Classes begin at 8:20 and run until 11:05. Classes are offered at four school sites and several community partner sites. Learn more about 4K!



High School of Health Sciences 2017 Graduate

What have you been up to since High School?

I graduated from UW-Madison in the Spring of 2021 with a degree in Neurobiology and a certificate in Global Health (which is now offered as a major at UW-Madison for future students interested!). I have spent many years as a student researcher, now Lab Technician, at the UW hospital in the Department of Pediatrics, specializing in infectious disease with the Mohr lab. We study congenital zika syndrome and the spectrum of disease outcomes associated with infection in a translational macaque model. I've furthered my technical skills with the wet lab work, but I've also learned valuable skills that I didn't picture myself fulfilling in High School such as organizing large data sets, coding, and optimizing my own molecular bioassays. These felt like big accomplishments for me as a post-undergrad.

I am now employed as a Research Intern in Dr Ausderau's lab at the Waisman Center, where I'll investigate neurodevelopmental outcomes in macaques exposed to Zika virus. I'll be moving more towards clinical research as I get involved in projects that work with adults with intellectual disability and children with Autism. Other than research, I’ve worked as a CNA in nursing homes, I’ve volunteered weekly at the Madison Ronald McDonald House consistently over the past year, been inspired to start relearning Spanish because of my involvement at the house, and I’m deciding on whether I’m ready to apply to medical school again or if another career path suits me better.

How did HS^2 prepare you for your future?

I believe that HS^2 helped the most to increase my exposure to different areas of medicine with the organized shadowing opportunities, and the access to healthcare-oriented certifications like EMT, EMR, and CNA. This job exposure was most helpful because it translated to real life job experience which I think matters a lot more than class content. You’ll realize that when you no longer have to go to class anymore and you are mostly asked about your job experience.

Is there anything specific you enjoyed about HS^2?

When I look back on my experience at HS^2, I feel most grateful for the connections I had with my teachers and peers. They helped me through most of my vulnerable experiences as a teenager as I struggled with anxiety and developing realistic expectations of myself. I know that any relationship is what you choose to make of it, that's true for friendships, family, and whether or not you choose to talk to a teacher you have trust in about why you’re not turning in assignments. I promise you'll grow a lot more if you allow your teachers and friends a front row seat to your goals, struggles, and ideas you have about yourself and personality. I enjoyed growing closer to my community of students and teachers, while watching the school evolve into a greater resource for students with each passing year.

What advice would you give to current and future HS^2 students?

For the longest time, I perceived that I was only able to contact certain people that were expecting a message from me. This is not true. Most people have an email and a phone number, and you're entitled to annoy, repeat email, and be as up front about your goals as you want to be--of course within the bounds of respecting people's time and boundaries. If there is a person with an interesting job that you know nothing about, email them, describe who you are and why you're interested in them. You'll maybe get a zoom call or office tour scheduled, or even better, the feeling that you've found a person to be a resource that supports you. You might get nothing out of it, but you have everything to gain by advocating for yourself and your curiosity. Imagine what it would look like to a senior scientist if a middle schooler reached out to them. This is called mentoring up!

KM Wants To Hear About Its Alumni News!

Kettle Moraine School District loves sharing news about our alumni. If you're a KM graduate, or you know of a former Laser who is doing amazing things, we want to hear from you and share the stories with our community! 

Send your info to today!


KMHS Seniors Raise $1,755 For NAMI To Create Awareness On Suicide Prevention

KMHS seniors Ava S. and Hailey H. had the privilege of presenting a check for $1,755.55 to the youth coordinator of the Southeastern Wisconsin chapter of National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

The two student athletes - each signed on to play softball at the next level - created a fundraiser by designing and selling hoodies to raise awareness about suicide prevention for student athletes.