July 30, 2019 | 27 Tamuz 5779

In May, we let you know that we were exploring a collaboration with JCC Chicago to create expanded child care and early childhood education opportunities at Beth Emet.  I am pleased to tell you that we have signed a formal agreement with JCC to operate an early childhood program at Beth Emet, beginning in August 2020. The JCC program will include both a full-day program for children ages 6 weeks through pre-kindergarten as well as a half-day option for children ages 2-5.
This partnership is truly a win-win. The JCC has been looking to increase their presence in the Evanston, Skokie, Wilmette, and northern neighborhoods of Chicago, and the full-day and part-time program for infants through pre-kindergarten will provide a much-needed Jewish option in the area. For Beth Emet, it will provide a predictable revenue stream, a platform for local families to learn about Beth Emet, and greater Jewish utilization of our building. It also greatly enhances our reputation as an important Jewish place in our community.
A few important points:

·          The current early childhood program at Beth Emet is  not  changing for the 2019/20 school year, and continues to operate under Kathy Kaberon’s direction.

·          The JCC will begin to have a presence during this school year to host open houses and give tours to prospective families, and to facilitate the registration process that will occur this winter for the 2020/21 school year.

·          Early childhood teachers will be given the opportunity to work at JCC Early Childhood at Beth Emet.

·          JCC will continue to provide a half-day option for ages 2-5.

·          Construction will occur this summer to make the classrooms compliant for the program, including infant care. This will include air conditioning and removing the walls between some classrooms to make larger rooms. We will be installing acoustic partitions so we can continue to separate those rooms for our Beit Sefer classes.

·          We will be creating a transition task force and a formal governance structure to ensure the partnership is a success.
We have been positively impressed by the shared values of JCC Chicago and Beth Emet. This relationship is being set up to be a true partnership and we are excited about many additional advantages that JCC Chicago can provide to young families and to Beth Emet.
Please join us in thanking the Beth Emet team that has worked on this alliance, including Marci Dickman, Kathy Kaberon, Bekki Kaplan, Marla Topp. Danielle Cohen, Mort Denlow, Jeff Mann, Lee Weintraub, Emily Neuberger, Elaine Lev, Georgene Wilson, and the Finance Committee.

Rabbi Andrea London
Rabbi Amy Memis-Foler
Marci Dickman, Director of Lifelong Learning
Kathy Kaberon, Director of Young Family Programs 
Karen Isaacson, President
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