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June 2018


Our vision is that all Nebraska children begin kindergarten with the experience they need to become successful students and productive citizens.  


Elizabeth Everett

FFN Policy Associate Elizabeth Everett has been selected for this year's Leadership Nebraska class.

A program of the Nebraska State Chamber, Leadership Nebraska offers an opportunity for professionals throughout the state to enhance their leadership skills and deepen their knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing Nebraska.

Key issues studied include economic development, health care, education, agriculture, government and policy development.

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Nebraska Works Toward an Early Childhood Integrated  Data System

I t's becoming increasingly necessary that Nebraska stakeholders have access to data on early care and learning to help them make decisions about how best to prepare our young children for success.

FFN Policy Research Analyst Ben Baumfalk and the Early Childhood Data Coalition are making progress toward developing an Early Childhood Integrated Data System (E CIDS) that will connect and maintain information from a variety of early childhood programs and services. The new data system will allow stakeholders to answer key questions about the effectiveness of our publicly funded efforts. 

Ben Baumfalk presented a session on Nebraska's efforts to develop an integrated data system at UNL's Early Childhood Research Summit.

Some of the questions an integrated data system can help a nswer are: 
  • How many Nebraska children are participating in early childhood programs and services?
  • What combinations of early childhood programs and services do children receive?
  • Where are the gaps in access to and participation in high-quality early childhood programs and services in Nebraska?
  • How effective are early childhood programs in preparing students for success in kindergarten and later life?

Auburn and Hastings are recipients of the latest round of Sixpence  Child Care Partnership grants. These grants are used to promote innovative collaborations between school districts and local licensed child care providers to improve the quality of early care and learning programs for infants and toddlers at risk.

Katie Miller, Career Development Coordinator, Nebraska Department of Education's Office of Early Childhood
Based on research and practice, the Early Learning Guidelines assist early childhood professionals and families support young children's learning and development. The revised Guidelines can be downloaded now or print copies ordered in August.    

Wisconsin policymakers invited FFN Senior Communications Associate Michael Medwick to speak on the history and structure of Nebraska's Sixpence Early Learning Fund at an early care and education symposium in May.  Wisconsin legislators are interested in Sixpence as a successful example of a public-private partnership designed to promote healthy developmental outcomes of young children. The event was organized by the National Conference of State Legislatures, whose
Early Learning Fellows program plays an important national role in advancing the public policy conversation on early childhood.