Vol 1 / February 28, 2021
This Issue Contains the Following:
  • Attendance Updates for
  • The Moral of the Story
  • Students Take Virtual College Tours
  • One-Step, Two Steps, Closer to Graduation
  • 7th Cohort Interviews
  • Just for Fun!
Schedule Changes, Back to Class
As schools in Allegan County transition back to face to face learning, Early College Allegan County is updating the attendance expectations. To increase the level of support to students in this remote environment the following changes will take place as of March 8th for Allegan, Fennville, Hopkins, Martin, Wayland, and March 15th for Otsego. This applies to 1st and 2nd year students only.

1. Students will continue to have remote access to their college coursework and instruction.

2. Students will continue to attend the Early College Program at the Tech Center on their already established day.

3. Based on Mid-Term grade reports the week of March 8th, students who have below a 75% in ANY of their college classes, will now be required to attend the Early College Program at the Tech Center Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday until they maintain a 75% or better in all courses.

4. Students who have above a 75% or better in ALL their college courses are welcome to add additional days to attend, but are only required to come the one established day.

We are confident in the Covid safety protocols in our building and that we can accommodate additional students. We have additional classrooms available to continue to social distance.
The Moral of the Story
Class of 2023-English 102
Students in Professor Youngs' ENGL 102 classes discussed the influence of fairy tales in today's society and how we might apply stylistic devices to various modes of writing. Students were divided into seven small groups and were tasked to create an original group fairy tale. 
The activity aids students in developing an understanding of the diversity of fairy tale literature and the value of oral / written traditions in communication. Additionally, the activity fosters rhetorical analysis, critical thinking, and interpretation skills, and enhances awareness of stylistic devices to engage readers. 

Moreover, students were able to hone their ability to "show" (rather than simply "tell") a story, create a moral applicable to modern-day life, and employ creative writing as a means of persuasion and engagement. Furthermore, working in groups fostered skills in collaboration, delegation, and time management. Students had fun with this activity, and their fairy tales were delightful to read!

Thank you Professor Youngs!
Virtual College Tours
Class of 2022
As the 5th Cohort students move closer to their 13th year and college application season, they have been issued a challenge! They have been given the tools and resources during Readiness Time to complete three virtual college campus tours.

 During the visits they used a spreadsheet to compare the 3 colleges according to what is important to them. Categories including programs offered, cost, enrollment, and graduation rate were used.

Students who participated will have their name put in a drawing to win a $25 gift card.
One Step, Two Steps, Closer to Graduation

13th year students are nine weeks away from becoming Alumni of Lake Michigan College! They completed their graduation applications and will participate in Commencement on Saturday, May 1st. The original date of Sunday, May 2nd is now a rain date. It will be a “drive-in” format with additional details to come. Students will need to continue to check their Lake Michigan College emails for direct communication from the college in addition to their “Class of 2021” Canvas page for details from ECAC. Cohort meetings will also be planned.

The Early College Program will have our own “Pinning Ceremony” and celebration on Friday, April 23rd at 7:00pm outside of the Tech Center. Our rain date will be Friday, April 30th. March 10th there will be a Class of 2021 meeting for planning purposes at 10:00am. This gives students the opportunity to be recognized by ECAC staff and instructors and celebrate with their cohort!
7th Cohort Interviews
Class of 2024 Recruits
It is that time of year again! The Early College Program opens its’ doors to students who wish to join our 13th year program. This year we have a total of 45 students who will be interviewing from six high schools in Allegan County. The panelists include Lake Michigan College Administrators, Principals, Counselors, Superintendents, and other administrative staff from around the county. We thank them for their time and continued to support!

Students will be notified of their acceptance into the program around Spring Break time! 

Just for Fun!

Team Building & Problem Solving
The Class of 2023 continues to meet others in their cohort in this remote environment. Attending in person at the Tech Center allows additional opportunities to strengthen and support emerging friendships within the cohort.

Spirited competition of Jenga offered the opportunity to work together as a team and display problem solving skills.
Sweet Treats for our Valentines!
ECAC staff showed their appreciation for their students throughout the week with a Valentine cup of goodies!
College Furniture Anyone?
Spring Cleaning resulted in a chair give-away to 13th year students who were interested! Great addition to a future apartment , dorm room, or bedroom! Congrats to Jamiha Kammeraad who was the lucky winner!
Important Dates
  • Graduation Applications Due February 22nd.
  • Mid-Term Grades week of March 8th.
  • Class of 2021 Cohort Meeting Brunch Wednesday, March 10th, 10:00am in the Early College Wing.
  • NO CLASSES/College Closed Friday, April 2.
  • Fall 2021 Registration Begins April 26th.
  • Pinning Ceremony for 13th year students is Friday, April 23rd at 7:00pm.
  • Rain date is Friday, April 30th.
  • Commencement Saturday, May 1st. Time to be determined.
  • Rain date is Sunday, May 2nd.
  • End of Semester Sunday, May 2nd.
  • Final Grades Available May 6th.
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