Early Identification of Reading Disabilities
During the last 20 years, researchers have identified brain pathways and early warning signs associated with dyslexia. Babies who process sound differently, toddlers who start talking later than their peers and preschoolers who don’t ‘get’ rhyming games may struggle with reading later on. The exciting thing is that there are programs that can actually rewire the brains of dyslexics and help these kids become successful readers. Early identification, multisensory instruction, applied technology and structured phonics programs along with a supportive family can all work together to prevent and treat reading disabilities. 

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A Note from Dr. Val – Changes In Order To Serve You Better
We heard you!

I am so grateful to each and every one of you; and feel so blessed to be able to support you on your journey of wellness. In order to serve you better and provide the excellence of care that makes a true impact in your life, I will be implementing some structural changes over the next few months. These will include a change in the length of visits as well as the fee schedule. These changes will be posted in the office; however please feel free to contact Robin for a digital copy.

Change, growth and learning are essential to a happy and successful life. As always; I am open to hearing about how I can serve you better. To that end please feel free to contact me at 647.478.1775  or  email with any suggestions you have…and recipes! 
Patient Appreciation Winners & Dr. Danielle's Holiday
We celebrated all of you back in June during our Patient Appreciation Month and we have a few prizes for those who came in for an appointment during the months of June/July as well as those who Liked Us on Facebook or Instagram . Our lucky winners will win one of the following prizes: 1 of 10 books, Essential Oils/Deep Blue Rub, Back Vitalizers, $30 Gift Certificate to Marlborough's & Movie for Two). We will contact you via email/phone to coordinate to pick up your prizes! Thank you all once again for your continued support of Vivid Health! We love you!

Dr. Danielle will be on vacation from Thurs, Aug 29th to Sep 6th , returning Mon, Sep 9th from 2-7pm . Unfortunately, we will not have any chiropractic coverage for this time. If an emergency arises, please contact Robin at  647.478.1775 or   email  for some suggestions.
Vegan Keto Grilled Broccoli Steaks with Dukkah
It's summer time and the living is easy... if you get your produce fresh from the local farmers market! Nothing is more fun than traveling to the orchards in Niagra, and nothing celebrates the sunshine like a salad grown within 100 miles of where you live. Enjoy this crisp and simple salad when you want to beat the heat.

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