Following the cold windy week we just had, the leaves are falling earlier and faster than normal.   With this in mind, it is sometimes hard to tell if we were even at a site as the leaf drop covers up our cleanup work within hours.  As shown above, we cleaned up this site last Wednesday afternoon and by Thursday morning, there were just as many leaves down as we had previously picked up. 
The good news is that this early heavy leaf fall means that many trees will lose their leaves over the next week or so, and within a few weeks, many sites will stay clean after our leaf removal efforts. The bad news is that it will be very messy until then.
Be confident that we are being diligent right now; visiting most properties weekly and removing the leaves in the most important areas as well as focusing on bulk removal. We don't worry too much on details until the leaves are all down as too detailed of cleanup is a waste of time and short lived while the leaves continue to fall.

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