Bootcamp Week: August 19-25
Old School Tai Chi Bootcamp Week begins Sunday, August 19, and runs through Saturday, August 25. Sign up for any single day, or five days, or the Full Week, and experience Tai Chi training as it was done centuries ago -- lots of practice time, less emphasis on learning new moves. 

Camps run from 10 am to 12:30 pm every day, with outdoor practice when the weather permits. Take your Tai Chi to a new level!

BTC membership is a great deal--$200 gets a full year of discounts on classes, workshops, and products. Plus a beautiful "BTC25" T-Shirt! Plus the pleasure of supporting BTC, by joining the organization.

Discounts can amount to twice the price of membership if you take 2 twice-weekly classes and 1 workshop over the year.

And please renew early. We will adjust your expiration after you renew.
A Taste of Tai Chi
This is the perfect time to introduce friends and family to Tai Chi. We are once again offering a free first class to our Taste Of Tai Chi program.

Free single-class cards are available at the school. Be sure to pick some up, and give them to anyone you know who might benefit from a Taste. 

After the free intro, a 3-class introductory trial is also available for just $29

A Taste Of Tai Chi classes run twice weekly through the summer. Share the gift of Tai Chi with those you care about! 

The Fifth Season
The Fifth Season in Traditional Chinese Medicine ("TCM") is the period of Late Summer, when “the pendulum reverses its swing”—a dynamic still point between the Yang energies of Summer and the Yin of Autumn: 

In TCM and holistic arts, this season is the center of the entire cycle. Coordinating all the other seasons or energy movements so that they make sense...this season is your headquarters. In TCM, centeredness and balance are essential...This energy cycle helps you cool off negative aggressions, yet at the same time, fire up positive ones, prune what is not pulling its weight in your life, discover and nurture what is. You see who you have been, who you are and who you want to be.
                            --Joseph Cardillo, Phd, The Five Seasons
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