Volume 1 | May 8, 2020
Message from your EI Supervisors
Dear Families,
Our thoughts have been with our Early Intervention families during these unprecedented times. We hope that you are all staying healthy and safe. We have decided to take this opportunity to increase our communication with families and provide a forum in which we can regularly share resources with families and provide regular communication in regards to current Early Intervention news in Delaware County. This newsletter will serve as an opportunity for teachers, therapists and administrators to keep our families updated, showcase exciting activities happening in our early intervention program, notify families of trainings and workshops, and regularly share resources. Please visit the DCIU website for organization and program updates, COVID-19 information, resources, and e-learning technology support!

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact your child's service providers or service coordinator. If you need assistance in connecting with your child's team, you may message EI@dciu.org

Continuity of Educational Services
DCIU Early Intervention is going remote! Our students and teachers began online services during the week of April 20, 2020, upon our return from the April break. Virtual circle time, related services teletherapy, parent coaching, and online learning activities are occurring daily. Our teachers are finding new and exciting ways to bring Early Intervention services to our students.
As we all wait patiently for the day we can all gather together
again, Ms. Allie reads us a story about the difficulties of waiting.

Calling All Kindergarten Eligible Families
If your child is currently receiving early intervention services, and you are planning to enroll him/her in kindergarten or first grade in your school district for Fall 2020, please contact your school district to complete the registration process.

If registration is delayed, your child could be placed in regular education kindergarten or first grade without special education services at the start of school. You would still have the right, however, to request that the district evaluate your child to determine his/her need for special education.

If your child is approaching kindergarten age and you decide not to enroll him or her in a public or non-public kindergarten program, your child may receive preschool early intervention services, if he/she continues to be eligible, during the kindergarten year. If your child is approaching the age of entry for first grade in your local school district, he or she will not be eligible for early intervention services for Fall 2020.
Spotlight on Resources
Tech Tips
Zoom© is a video platform that DCIU will be using during our Continuity of Education services. It is free to use and all you have to do is click on the link sent to you by your teacher or therapist to join meetings or live lessons. This works on computers, tablets, and smartphones. If you do not have access to these devices, a landline can be used to call in as well!
Please visit the parent section of our e-learning toolkit for more information and resources for using technology to keep your child connected to his/her early intervention service providers.

**Parents: Should you experience a technical issue with the tools provided to you as part of the remote education plan, please send us an email at parentsupport@dciu.org . Please include your name, phone number, and the best time to reach you. A support representative will reach out to you within 24 hours to assist.

Self-Care Tips
In a time where our lives have been so dramatically changed, it is critically important for us to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of our loved ones!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides a wealth of information, strategies and resources for managing stress and emotions during these times.

Online Resource: Music Works-PA
MusicWorks PA Music Therapists have a variety of live and pre-recorded songs on their Facebook Page for your kiddo to enjoy! New additions are added daily.

STEAM Activity of the Week
Preschool Early Intervention Teacher Megan Gilligan creates STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) lessons for her students and has agreed to share activities for our newsletter! The following links provide information about STEAM in preschool as well as this week's activity, Building with Shaving Cream and Blocks!

Behavior Tip of the Week
Are you struggling with ways to address challenging behaviors at home? Dr. Esther Bubb, Coordinator of Student Services and Behavioral Supports for DCIU, shares the following information related to giving choices.

Upcoming Parent Training Opportunity
Introduction to Behavior Supports for Parents and Caregivers
May 28, 2020

Registration information will be coming soon!
About DCIU Preschool
Early Intervention
How Are We Doing???
ATTENTION Parents of children receiving preschool early intervention services!
YOU can help guide the efforts at the statewide and local levels to improve services and results for children and families by completing the 2020 OCDEL Early Intervention Family Survey. Click the link below and let YOUR voice be heard!