March marks one year of the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact. Our community has supported one another in ways unlike before, during this unprecedented time. Increasing access to resources was critically important, especially during the onset of the pandemic. Some families found themselves in need for the first time, other families’ needs increased. Agency services changed or adapted at a rapid pace to meet these needs. Partner agencies collaborated to meet the basic needs of Chattahoochee Valley residents through student meals, virtual learning spaces and increased awareness of community resources. A few of these collaborations are highlighted below.  

  • Youth agencies adapted to provide childcare for healthcare employees opened virtual learning centers, increased access to food, and provided other supports to meet emerging needs of children and families. 
  • Working with Feeding the Valley, 42,500 meals were provided to children during the gaps in services between the end of school and beginning of summer feeding programs. Youth agencies, local churches, and community partners assisted with transportation and meal delivery. 
  • 211 is always an important community resource and during the pandemic being able to access the latest updates on closings and resources in one place was essential.  Nearly 1,300 of the 8,800 callers stated their needs were directly related to COVID 19 - that’s 15% of all calls. Over 8,500 referrals for housing related services shows how many of our neighbors are living on the brink of becoming homeless every day. 

As we begin to envision life beyond the pandemic, we are grateful for partners committed to serve our community and collaborate when needed– especially during times of crisis and change. We hope you will stay connected to each other, continue to collaborate, and remember the importance of caring for yourself and those around you. Together, we are creating a community where all children thrive. Thank you for all your work.