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At the end of each activity domain and goals for the activities are provided. For a copy of the Early Learning Guidelines click on the photo.

Infant Corner
Activities for children under 1

Developmental Milestones for 6-9 Month Old Babies:
  • Eats solid foods
  • Sits unassisted
  • Begins to crawl
  • Uses pincer grip (index finger and thumb) to pick up small objects
  • Transfers an object between hands
  • Babbles with combined syllables
  • May use gestures or sounds to express needs
  • Understands object permanence
  • Drops things intentionally to explore effects
  • Recognizes familiar people
  • May begin to experience stranger anxiety


Auditory Peek-a-Boo is a fun twist on peekaboo. Move out of your baby’s visual range such as behind your baby. Call out, “Where’s Mommy” or “Where’s (whoever you are)” and wait for your baby to turn and find you. Acknowledge she found you and move to a different location and play again.
Construction of Knowledge: Thinking and Reasoning Goal CD-2

Soon your baby will verbalize a few words. ‘Hi’ and ‘bye’ are a few common first words. Increase your child’s exposure to these words by popping in and saying “Hi!” then leaving and saying “Bye!” It’s like a verbal peekaboo!
Communication and Oral Language Development
Goal CLL-1

Busy Toddlers
Activities for children 1-3

The classic hula hoop is such an inexpensive and great motor activity tool. Toddlers usually can't use a hula hoop as intended but here are several hula hoop games, suitable for toddlers on up.
Motor Development
Goal HPD-4

Take your child's scissor practice outside to use nature to develop cutting skills.
Motor Development Goal HPD-5

This color changing volcano eruption for kids takes an easy baking soda and vinegar volcano to the next level!
Scientific Exploration and Knowledge Goal CD-9

Sensory experiences with creative art materials can be messy and chaotic. if you’ve avoided toddler art projects all together because of the mess they make, this Bath Tub Art Studio is for you!
Construction of Knowledge: Thinking and Reasoning Goal CD-1

Alphabet Pillow Jumping activity is a great way to get energy out when little kids are stuck indoors and do some learning at the same time.
Foundations of Reading
Goal CLL-6

Practice counting and strengthen fine motor skills using a hole punch and construction paper.
Mathematical Thinking and Expression Goal CD-4
Social Emotional

An important part of social-emotional development is the ability to recognize, understand and respond to appropriate boundaries and behavioral expectations. Helping children to listen carefully to instructions and change their behavior in response to this will improve their social-emotional skills as well as listening, attention and focus
Self-Regulation and Pro-Social Behaviors Goal SED-4
Hands-On Preschoolers
Activities for children 4-5

Switch up yoga practice with Farm Themed poses.
Motor Development Goal HPD-4
This fun Milking a Cow activity is perfect way to use fine motor skills to go along with a farm or animal theme in a preschool classroom or at home!
Motor Development Goal HPD-4

Learn about how seeds germinate and grow with this easy plant activity. Great for a plant theme for spring, at home or in the classroom.  

Scientific Exploration and Knowledge Goal CD-8
Let’s head outside and learn how leaves breath in this simple spring stem activity. Head outdoors, grab some fresh leaves and be prepared to see some fun breathing from leaves.
Scientific Exploration and Knowledge Goal CD-8

This ball theme alphabet activity is fun way to practice identifying letter sounds while kicking a ball. Kids will love the chance to move and learn!
Foundations of Reading Goal CLL-6
You only need two players but this dice game is great for groups and large families because any number of players can join in. Since it is a game of chance, no strategic skills are necessary, but children have the opportunity to practice their addition skills, and learn about probability.
Mathematical Thinking and Expression Goal CD-7
Creative Arts

Repurpose a lint roller to create tractor track prints for a fun art project for kids!
Creative Arts and Expression Goal CD-12

Turn an open-ended coffee filter art activity into a tulip suncatcher to adorn your windows.
Creative Arts and Expression Goal CD-12