News for Black Hills Early Learners
We are here to bring you fun activities for any child ages 0-5 years. We hope you find this useful and helpful during this very unusual time. Happy learning!
Many traditional Halloween activities can be high-risk for spreading viruses. Click on the Make It Safe Logo for information on Community risk and ideas to safely Celebrate Halloween.
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Infant Corner
Activities for children under 1

Burping your newborn baby is a common part of baby’s daily routine. But you might wonder, what causes the need for baby to burp, and why do they need assistance to burp?

And what about those hiccups? When hiccups happen Your baby doesn't understand what's happening, might be startled by the hiccups, and could experience some discomfort from them. The following article explains causes, triggers and ways to eliminate hiccups.
Always remember: back to sleep, tummy to play. Baby may not like being on their tummy at first because back and neck muscles are not very strong yet. Sign up for weekly e-mail activities for your baby at

To develop language; sensory responses and cause/effect use this simple tracking sounds activity.
Busy Toddlers
Activities for children 1-3
Try this Pine Cone painting activity to strengthen toddlers fine muscles.

Play a sorting and running game to get toddlers moving and learning sorting objects by color.

A pumpkin scented rice sensory bin is so much fun! Dig into all things fall like pinecones, nuts, and whole spices. (best for older toddlers.)

Create a Sensory activity letting toddlers explore paper when wet.

This alphabet activity helps build hand strength as well of letter recognition. 

Use photos of the children for fun math activities: Patterns, counting and classification.
Social Emotional
Help children learn compromise. When conflict arises play "Let's Make a Deal!"

Have children sit in a circle (or a reasonable facsimile there-of). Go around the circle and have the children sing and clap each child's name:
Jerry’s here today,
Jerry’s here today,
We all clap together ‘cause,
Jerry’s here today.
Sing to the tune of “Farmer in the Dell.”
Hands-On Preschoolers
Activities for children 4-5
This interesting pine cone craft will develop preschoolers fine muscles.

Get out the parachute and use real or paper leaves. Add a song and have some fun.
Indian corn does grow in water! See the green and purple colored sprouts. You will see roots starting to grow into the water.

Preschoolers will enjoy this erupting mini pumpkinv volcanos Fall science activity! 
Younger preschoolers often recognize their names simply by the first letter. These tape resist name art projects focus on each child’s first letter in their name.

Using colorful pipe cleaners and beads you can set up a fun counting maths activity for kids. This is also really great for fine motor development 
Creative Arts
Kids always love blotto painting! It’s such a fun surprise to open up your folded paper and reveal your finished blotto art! Use Fall colored paints.

Looking for a fun preschool art activity that also strengthens fine motor development…with beautiful results? You will want to try this watercolor fall leaf art.