News for Black Hills Early Learners
We are here to bring you fun activities for any child ages 0-5 years. We hope you find this useful and helpful during this very unusual time. Happy learning!
The South Dakota Early Learning Guidelines is a resource for teachers and families intended to be a guide for teaching. Black Hills READS will now be listing Domain and Goals for the activities provided. For a copy of the Early Learning Guidelines click on the photo.
Infant Corner
Activities for children under 1

Witnessing your baby crawl for the first time is a memorable event. Parents sometimes wonder when can they expect their baby will crawl.
Pulling up and standing is another exciting milestones for babies and parents alike. These important skills help babies develop their arm and leg muscles and give them a whole new, upright view of the world.
Physical Health and Growth Goal HPD-4

Build gross motor skills with this super simple obstacle course activity that invites babies to crawl and learn.

Rolling over is an important milestone. This article gives you 10 tips for helping babies learn to roll over.
Physical Health and Growth Goal HPD-4
Busy Toddlers
Activities for children 1-3
Add turkey basters to a color mixing activity. Toddlers love watching the changing colors and strengthen their hands as they squeeze the baster.
Physical Health and Growth Goal HPD-5

Over the river and through the woods to grandma's house we go. Set out two jump ropes, or draw two chalk lines to represent the river, and have kids try to jump over it. Try making it wider in some spots and narrower in others for a few levels of challenge.
Physical Health and Growth Goal HPD-4

Cranberry dough has two ingredient for a simple sensory experience. Combine roughly 1/2 a can of cranberry sauce and 1.5 cups of cornstarch and mixed well with your hands. If the dough is crumbly add more cranberry sauce. If it is too wet and sticky add more cornstarch.
Scientific Exploration and Knowledge Goal CD-9

Check out this fall slime recipe that is perfect sensory activity.
Scientific Exploration and Knowledge Goal CD-9

Enjoy with your toddler these two books on Thanksgiving.

Foundations of Reading Goal CLL-4 & CLL-5

DIY touch and feel shapes! This is perfect to make for young children that are learning about shapes, involving their sense of touch in the learning process. 
Mathematical Thinking and Expression Goal CD-5
Social Emotional

Toddlers love animals so this scripted story uses interesting animal photos to help you teach and talk to children about simple Classroom Rules.
Self-Regulation and Pro-Social Behaviors Goal SED-4

The National Center for Pyramid Model Innovation Book Nook for the book "I can Share" has great curriculum ideas to help toddlers explore and learn about sharing.
Developing Relationships Goal SED-3
Hands-On Preschoolers
Activities for children 4-5

Use poster board and cut out the shape of a turkey. Use a hole punch to punch holes around the turkey. Use shoe laces or plastic lacing and tie one end of the lace to one hole of the card. Children lace the string through each hole. Physical Health and Growth Goal HPD-5
Hopping and jumping require strong gross motor skills, balance and coordination. Hopscotch is a simple way to practice those skills. (As a bonus, it can help practice number skills, too!) If you don’t have a sidewalk to draw on or a playground nearby, you can set up hallway hopscotch using painter’s tape.
Physical Health and Growth Goal HPD-4
Thanks to Pam Ramp from Banana Bunch Child Care Center for sharing on the SD Early Learning Providers Facebook Group Page, this great Science activity -popping pop corn on the cob.

Scientific Exploration and Knowledge Goal CD-8 & CD-9
Make pumpkin homemade cloud dough by simply mixing it all together!
Scientific Exploration and Knowledge Goal CD-8 & CD-9
Veterans Day is an opportunity to honor and give thanks to those who have served or are serving in the military. Send a veteran a note or support a soldier.
Foundations for Writing Goal CLL-9

Make a flip book by folding a piece of paper over hotdog style, cut four flaps (cut four slits into one side of the paper), and write numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 on the flaps. Children put the correct number of Thanksgiving stickers under each flap.
Mathematical Thinking and Expression Goal CD-4
Creative Arts

Need some Thanksgiving and Fall songs to add to your repertoire. Check these out from the Learning Station.
Creative Arts and Expression Goal CD-12

Check out this review of a resource book called "Action Art". Includes instructions for a paper plate twisting art activity.
Creative Arts and Expression Goal CD -13