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GGRWHC on the march in 2020
On Saturday morning, July 3rd, the 87th annual Hollyhock Lane parade will move out at 8:30 am sharp—and we will be there, as we have been since 2010. As you can see above, we didn’t miss last year! This year please join us, whatever your personal decision about whether to mask and distance. Kids and dogs are welcome! You can push a stroller or be pushed in a wheelchair. Grab a sign and have a wonderful start to the holiday weekend!
Marching Posters
Just wear as much white as you can. We have “Votes for Women” signs, pennants, and sashes. While you might want your own head gear, we will have lots of great hats for both women and men! Hats off to the suffragists and suffragents of the past who proceeded for decades on the courage of their convictions!
Men’s marching hats
BE EARLY! This very short parade will begin at 8:30 am sharp. The weather should be coolish and dry. Don’t let road construction discourage you. Definitely, if you turn east off Plymouth onto Alexander, you can drive right through and park. There is a church just south on Giddings. 
Women’s marching hats
At 8:00 am, the GGRWHC will begin gathering on the northeast corner of Calvin and Alexander in Ottawa Hills. (If you get lost, call 616-574-7307—GPS, 1335 Alexander.) Generally, we slide into the parade early and march north on Calvin, round Franklin heading south onto Pontiac, and round back north on Giddings to end, appropriately, at Hollyhock Lane. We will then head back down the alleyway to collect GGRWHC materials, then watch the rest of the parade or depart from our original corner. Check the parade route at www.facebook.com/HollyhockParade

GGRWHC at a Hollyhock past
Our annual Hollyhock march reminds both us and audience of our mission to share what we know and to skewer myths about local women’s history in general—and in July, suffrage history in particular. See https://www.ggrwhc.org/suffrage-home/. But Saturday is for spectacle! Join us for a lot of love from  the streetsides! 

Celebrate year round with the Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council, both virtually and in print, as we continue 2020 into 2021. In all aspects of our work, we will honor women’s long and costly battle for the right to vote and to run for office and will be reconsidering how more fully and effectively to embrace the women’s histories of our entire community.

Stay tuned as we re-emerge from the lockdown via this electronic newsletter, follow us on Facebook, and sign up (www.ggrwhc.org/contact/) for our hard-copy newsletter, if you haven’t already!

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Hats off to the historical women who have shaped West Michigan!
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