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This must be the sunniest, warmest, best summer in years! Our garden boxes outside are full of plants and veggies, and the little summer outfits our buddies are rockin' are way too cool!


Next week, as you know, Buddings is closed for summer holidays, and we've added a new icon to our calendar to make it more clear. We're back on August 6, and if you want your 3-hour bonus for the month, the deadline is tomorrow. And our party on Aug. 24 will be right around the corner.


Last week, we encountered our first "emergency" at daycare and we want you to know that we took immediate action.


It's been a beautiful month, with many more summer days to come. Enjoy them! We sure will! Did we mention we'll be closed from July 29 - Aug. 6? Don't forget! :)



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Early Purchase Reminder
Calendar Clarification
Emergency Light for Emergency Daycare
Summer Party - Aug. 24, 2013
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Early Purchase Bonus Reminder


Buddings is all about last-minute coverage for flexible needs, but we love a bit of notice as much as anyone, and if you get your 10 or 24 hour packages for August by July 24, you'll get a 3-hour bonus as a little Thanks! 
Is now a good time to LOG IN and get your package? Don't forget, you can always add time through the month, if you're not yet sure how many hours you'll need. 
Just so you know, the bonus is applied manually once we have confirmed the purchase, usually by the following day. If you haven't seen it added to your account within two days, feel free to send a note to Talia. 
Calendar Clarification

Buddings is Closed
Our booking calendar is a custom-built Buddings masterpiece, and while we all love the convenience it provides for booking childcare whenever you need it, sometimes it provides too much opportunity... 
It will allow you to book hours, even when we're closed, like from July 29 - Aug. 6, for example.
Our programmer thinks he's got an upgrade in the works, but it might not be available until Buddings 2.0, and in the meantime, we're trying to make it more clear. When you see the Closed Sign on our booking calendar, please do not book hours. 

Want to LOG IN and double-check your bookings? Why not... ? You could buy your August hours while you're there. ;)
Emergency Light for Emergency Daycare


In case you didn't hear, last Thursday, a construction crane swung across a power line at Broadway and Cambie and cut the power to most of Fairview for a couple of hours in the morning

At Buddings, we have procedures for fires, earthquakes, and all manner of
emergencies, but a simple power outage had never occurred, and unfortunately, we weren't quite prepared. Turning families away because their emergency daycare was having an emergency wasn't much fun, and we regret not having thought of it before. 

In any case, to make sure that we're equipped for future incidences, we've got a couple big, bright emergency lights and will be able to provide childcare for up to six hours, even without power!

Summer Party - Aug. 24, 2013
Summer Party Invite

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