The Year of the Brown Earth Pig (or Boar) begins February 4th. What follows is one take on the meaning of this Chinese zodiac sign, my personal choice of how to interpret the classic symbols:
The "Pig" has several meanings.  The domesticated animal is generally considered lazy, gluttonous, docile, associated with prosperity--as in the passive accumulation of wealth.  But, beneath this superficial interpretation lie some more interesting facts and ideas:  first, the pig is highly intelligent.  It is lazy only because it is kept from moving, overfed, bred only for slaughter. The un-domesticated ancestor (and wild-living relative) of the pig is the Boar--an extremely powerful, dangerous creature with a great deal of primal force.  

To understand the Pig/Boar is to embrace and balance both aspects: the domesticated and the wild, the cooperative and the ferociously independent, the world of human society and the natural world from which it has derived and which remains an essential source of energy, vitality, beauty, and wisdom.

The "Brown Earth"--or mud--represents the combination of two basic elements: earth and water. Solidity and fluidity.  Grounding and flow.  Cultivation and change.

In the year ahead , let us learn solidity and calmness from the earth and fluidity and adaptability from water.  Contentment from the pig and wild primal force from the boar.  Yin and Yang, in a dynamic, ever-changing dance.

And, as billions of people are doing this week in China and throughout Asia, let's spend some happy time with our families, and honor those who have come before us
                                                 Xin Nian Kuai Le!
                                                                                      --Don Miller, BTC Director
Our new session begins Monday February 25th with a full array of 22 great course offerings, ranging from  A Taste Of Tai Chi and  Tai Chi 101 to advanced classes like the Wu Style Long Form and  12 Jings .

New this season will be  OLD SCHOOL TAI CHI TRAINING a weekly incarnation of the Old School Tai Chi Bootcamps held at BTC every August.  In this class, we use balls, rocks, weights, balance disks, partner exercises, hi-volume repetition and other methods to increase strength, stamina, balance, and coordination the Tai Chi way.  Essential Tai Chi attributes of Rooting, Centering, and Energy flow are all improved dramatically as our physical capacity increases.  Tai Chi as it was practiced long ago. Progress guaranteed!

Open to all levels beyond TC102. Full course description.

With more than 20 different classes to choose from, many students choose to take more than one course each session. (The current record is 6 different classes taken in one semester!) We encourage this, as experiencing different styles, or different aspects of Tai Chi practice, is an important part of progressing in the art and finding one's personal path. In addition to member discounts, students taking more than 1 (twice a week) class can receive 20% off all additional classes taken in a given session. Sign up for your first class online and then pay for all additional discounted classes by check.
As Brookline Tai Chi enters its 27th year, we are truly proud of the thousands of students we've served and the "good energy" that we have put into the world through Tai Chi and Qigong.

This season is a good time to give something back. BTC is poised to extend our work, providing instructors and trainings to the elderly, the blind, those at high risk of falling. We are committed to "bringing Tai Chi to those who need it the most." And for this, we need your help. Please consider making either a single donation or a monthly commitment to keeping this great school and community alive and well.   All contributions are tax deductible.

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Introduce your friends and family to the wonders of Tai Chi. We are once again offering a free first class in our A Taste Of Tai Chi program.

Free single-class cards are available at the school. Be sure to pick some up, and give them to anyone you know who might benefit from ... a Taste. 
After the free intro, a 3-class introductory trial is also available for just $29.

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The teacher however, can only lead the student to the correct gate, he cannot compel him to go further.  Somewhere inside the gates, masses of gold and diamonds lie hidden. It is up to the student to go beyond... into the inner rooms to search for the treasure. So in order to acquire the art one must have a determined and enduring mind, ready to persevere and study hard. If one relies entirely on the teacher, one will never find the treasure. 
                                                              -- T.T.Liang (1900-2002)
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