Willem De Thouars, Master of Internal/External Arts

Our Spring Session begins Monday, March 2nd, with 21 different courses and more than 35 classes each week, ranging from our entry level programs (Tai Chi 101 and Tai Chi for Healthy Aging and Better Balance) to traditional Wu and Yang style Forms and Qigong sets, Chinese Self-Healing Exercises, Awakening The Dragon, and Pushing Hands. Register early to reserve your space!  

NEW CLASS: Introduction To Wu Style Short Form
The Wu style of Tai Chi is known for being physically easy to do but imbued with essential Tai Chi body alignments and internal energy. The Wu Short Form takes only 4-5 minutes to perform and can be done anywhere. This form is taught in three 7-week sessions. We will learn to release tension from arms and shoulders, align knees and feet to support the body naturally, and move smoothly and consciously. Open to all levels.

AND: By popular demand, two of our recently-added classes, Rooting (Gen Gong) and Eight Essential Moves, will now be held twice a week, Monday and Wednesday evenings. Twice the Chi!



With the support of a grant from the Healthy Living Center of Excellence, BTC will is holding a 20-hour Certification Training for Instructors in the TAI CHI FOR HEALTHY AGING AND BETTER BALANCE program. Following the training, Instructors will bring the 12 -week program to seniors and others at high risk of falls, at multiple community locations around the Commonwealth. Due to high demand, a second training group may open up in March. For more information or to apply for the training, email Don: don.miller@brooklinetaichi.org.
Did you know?
  1. BTC is a non-profit, all donations are tax-deductible.
  2. Revenues from classes do not cover our expenses: we rely on donations and grants to maintain our programs.
  3. We are committed to expanding our outreach, "bringing Tai Chi to those who need it the most"--those who cannot afford or manage to come to the school, those at high risk of falling, those in rehab and other residential facilities.
Your generous contribution--of any size--to our work and the school will be deeply appreciated. Share the good chi!


Hua (Transformation)

Stand, Release, Breathe, Shed, Un-do
Let your Tears fall into the Earth beneath your Feet
Let your Tribulations Sink and become your Root.

Where Fear has been Dissolved, Laughter Blooms.
What you Thought was Weakness will Become your Strength.
After Down, After Inward,
                                                            Something Rises.

 --Don Miller, BTC Director 
We are Water Way Arts, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
dedicated to movement, balance and wellness.