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Special Message from Josh McKoon  July 2012
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  Early Voting Begins Today!


Good morning!  I wanted to send you a reminder that Early Voting for the General Primary begins today throughout Georgia.  Every County has different offices up for election, so please check your sample ballot at your My Voter Page available at and then make sure to cast your ballot now or on election day, July 31.


One question you will have regardless of whether you take a Republican or Democratic Primary Ballot will be Question Two, a non binding question asking if you wish to end the practice of unlimited giving from lobbyists to the members of the General Assembly.  This practice has to be put to a stop, as it has already in 47 other states.  I have worked hard for the last two years to make comprehensive ethics reform a reality under the Gold Dome.  I need your help and would urge you to vote "Yes" on Question Two to send a strong, clear message to the General Assembly that the time for unlimited gift giving and being named the Most Corrupt State in the Union by the Center for Public Integrity has come to an end.  Join me in voting "Yes" on Question Two!


There is a very important statewide race on the Republican Ballot for Public Service Commissioner.  Chuck Eaton, one of our incumbent Commissioners is on the ballot and has a primary opponent who, I am told, is trying to suggest Chuck is not an ethical elected official.  I have known Chuck Eaton for many years.  He takes his obligation to serve the people of Georgia seriously and is a man of integrity.  I hope you will stand with me in voting for Chuck in his primary election.  Chuck has earned re-election in my view, by being an advocate for consumers at the PSC and always looking for ways to innovate in the regulation of utilities.  So please vote Chuck Eaton for PSC in the Republican Primary.


Finally, for those of you voting in Harris and Muscogee County, you have the opportunity to vote in a contested race for Superior Court Judge.  Judge Art Smith, the incumbent, has an opponent.  I have known Judge Smith for many years as well.  He has over three decades of legal experience in private practice and as a corporate attorney for AFLAC.  Judge Smith has already demonstrated during his service on the bench that he is fair, experienced and honest.  I would feel very comfortable that any case tried before Judge Smith would be handled with integrity and professionalism.  Judge Smith in my view is very deserving of election and I intend to cast a ballot for him in this July 31 General Primary and hope you will do the same.  So please vote Judge Art Smith in the July 31 General Primary.


Of course I would also ask for your vote as I am seeking re-election as your State Senator.  It has been a great honor to serve you the last two years and I am asking for your vote so I can continue my work on comprehensive ethics reform, to change Georgia's tax system so we can get our economy moving again, to pass Johnia's Law so we can provide vital tools to law enforcement to reduce crime in our state and to continue to be an advocate for innocent human life.


Thank you for your continued support and for the opportunity to serve as your State Senator. 

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Your voice matters, do not forget to vote!