October 29, 2020
Your Weekly News from the Collin County Democratic Party
Early Voting Ends Tomorrow!
Over 405,000 Have Voted in Collin County as of October 28.
More than 62% of All Registered Voters in the County have Voted.
Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd
"This election is about us, about our values and about the kind of nation we want to live in."
Mike Rawlins, Chair
Collin County Democratic Party

Our elections have frequently focused on personalities. In 2008 there was great excitement about the prospect of electing Barack Obama as the first black President, a charismatic and transformative figure. In 2016 there was enthusiasm about breaking through the glass ceiling and electing Hillary Clinton as our first woman President.

But based on what we’re hearing from voters, activists, and the media, as might be expected 2020 is different. Sure, people like Joe Biden, but the truth is that he is widely viewed as yet another old, nice, but kind of boring white guy. And even with the angst and rage about Trump, this election isn’t viewed as ultimately being about him.
This election is about us, about our values, and about the kind of nation we want to live in.

We want a government that works for the people, keeping us safe from internal threats like the pandemic, rather than one that says “not our problem”.

We want an economy that works for everyone and not just the already rich and powerful.

We don’t want to just get rid of a “racist in chief”. We want to make a genuine start toward ending racism and injustice.

We don’t want to simply kick out a “misogynist in chief”. We want respect and full equal rights for women, including the right to make their own choices about reproductive health.

We know that getting the deregulating fox out of the environmental henhouse isn’t enough. We need to make immediate and significant progress toward reversing climate change.

We don’t merely want to get rid of a leader who is viewed at best as a clownish buffoon. We want a world where the U.S. is again viewed with respect as a leader on the world stage.

We want to be called on to rise with our better natures, with hope and love, rather than to cower in fear or strike out with anger.

We’re bone tired of chaos and dysfunction. But we don’t want to go back to the “old” normal. We want a new and better normal.

I realize, or at least hope, that all of you will already have voted by the time you read this. But there likely will still be around a third of registered voters in the county who will not have voted. And the evidence suggests that they’re predominantly Democratic. Getting them to the polls can help us have the kind of county we want, and by extension the kind of state, nation, and world we want. Please join us in these last few days, make some extra sacrifices, and together usher in a future we’ll be proud to leave to those who come after us.
Together, Let's Build a Better Future

This is THE most important election we have EVER had.

Vote for EVERY Democrat to the bottom of the ballot!
Voting Locations Dates Hours and Times
Collin County Voting Locations Interactive Map
Collin County Democratic Voter Guide

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Be a Democratic Poll Greeter On Election Day
Poll greeting makes a critical connection to voters. Many people come to the polling place with only a vague idea of who they will vote for! And many know the top of the ballot - President and Vice President, or maybe Congress - but don't know about down-ballot candidates that are so important. Talking to voters on their way in to vote gives us a chance to remind them to vote for all the Democratic candidates, all the way to the bottom of the ballot.
Sign up below for a 2-hour shift, or more if you have time. Anything helps! Help us to elect Democratic candidates and flip Collin County BLUE!
Join our Monster GOTV Weekend, October 30 through November 2! We are reaching out to voters all over Collin County. We are running phone and text banks, and organizing lit drops - this is it! Our final, GOTV push.

Go to txdp.cc/events. Select the 'Get out the Vote' filter to find all the text bank, phone-bank, lit drop opportunities for the last days leading up to Election Day.
Did Your Completed Mail-in Ballot Ever Arrive?
There are two ways voters can check online to see if their mail-in ballot reached the Collin County Elections Department.

One of the easier unofficial ways is Texas ballot tracker built by volunteers and maintained by the non-partisan VoteAmerica, a non-profit organization which uses data published by the State of Texas.

To access the official mail-in voting record for Collin County, go to txdp.cc/WhoHasVoted. Scroll down to the “Roster-Early Voting by Mail” and click on the link below. (It could take a while if the site is experiencing high traffic.) This opens a spreadsheet of all voters for whom the election office has received a mail-in ballot to date. Search the spreadsheet for your name to confirm receipt.

A third way to check if your mail-in ballot has been received is to call the Collin County Elections Department at 972-547-1900. You will need to provide your name, city and date of birth to the clerk for them to check receipt of your ballot.
If you haven’t already mailed your ballot back, do it today, or even better, drop it off at the Collin County Elections Department on Election Day at 2010 Redbud Blvd., Suite 102, in McKinney to ensure it’s received in time. 

If you have yet to receive your mail-in ballot: The Texas Democratic Party strongly encourages you to vote in person as soon as possible. If you requested, but have not received, a mail-in ballot, you will have to cast a provisional vote. The provisional vote will be counted once election officials confirm their mail ballot was not also received and counted.

If you have a question or concern about voting, please email our Collin County Democratic Party Voter Protection Team at elections@collindemocrats.org or call the CCDP Office at 972-578-1483.
Y'all, it's been a long election season and the added challenges of the pandemic have brought out our more creative side. Join the Collin County Democratic Party and Women Organizing Women Democrats, and let's celebrate together, virtually, on election night from the comfort of our own homes.
Our Big Blue Wave Watch Party will be linked to some of the candidates in-person celebrations. So, as an unprecedented perk, you get to enjoy multiple celebrations at once! Pre-register to receive the Zoom link.

Date: November 3, Election Night!
Location: From the comfort of your own home
Time: 7:00 - 10:00 p.m.
Show Your Colors Collin Blue
Proudly show your Democratic support and help us turn Collin County BLUE.
Order your Biden/Harris, MJ Hegar, and Hate Has No Home Here yard signs, and other Dem swag including buttons and stickers at txdp.cc/store