Early Voting Starts Tomorrow... VOTE NO on Question D!
Vote NO on Question D!

Vote NO on Question D!
  • Two new seats will cost taxpayers more than $1 million per year.
  • There is a great cost of running a Countywide campaign, some Developers & Special Interests will fund At-Large candidates, and they will run on Senate & County Executive Slates. At-Large Council members will be responsive to the demands of their campaign funders and political patrons, NOT the People.
  • Grassroots candidates for the People will be unable to compete with special interest candidates.
  • Our District Council members, who are most responsive to local needs, will have their power diluted by almost 20%.
  • At-Large members will interfere in local zoning cases to help their developer supporters.
  • The County Council will be weakened versus the County Executive because it will take almost 3/4 of the members to override an Executive veto (instead on the current 2/3). This will undermine the Council's Negotiating Power, and make it harder to perform its oversight function.
  • Term limits occurred because citizens collected about 17,000 signatures to put the issue on the ballot. Question D is on the ballot because it only takes the vote of 6 Council members. If voters want to over-turn term limits then there is a way to get it done with the participation of the citizens and their approval.  This should not be forced by political bosses and some developers.
  • Political bosses also support Question D because they expect to play kingmaker in selecting the winning candidates. These winners will then be beholden to the bosses.

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By Authority: Friends of C. Anthony Muse; Brandi Calho un, Treasurer