TTouch ®  with companion animals
with TTouch instructor and Feldenkrais® practitioner 
Edie Jane Eaton 
Portland, Oregon
April 19-21 or April 19-24, 2020

Participants new to Tellington TTouch are welcome. 
Training counts towards  Practitioner Certification   
NCBTMB members earn CE's
**Early Bird through March 6, 2020**
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Message from Edie Jane

" I am looking forward to meeting you in Portland!
One of things our students appreciate most about the variety of their TTouch Instructors is that each brings a slightly different perspective to the work. Thirty years ago, after having spent ten years working with TTouch and becoming intrigued by what I was learning about its roots in the Feldenkrais Method®, I began my Feldenkrais training. During that training I was struck by how brilliantly Linda had taken many of the Feldenkrais principles and made them easily accessible for people working with animals. The methods belong together and I continue to explore the circle that connects them. There's always more to learn!
As is usual, our class will have participants with a mixture of experience. What has always excited me about the work is that, regardless of one's experience, an understanding of the principles and some basic skills can help you find solutions to many issues. Experienced students refine and add to their techniques, and newcomers to TTouch go away from a training thinking, 'Hey! I can do this!'.

One of my passions is helping to make it all make sense. I enjoy finding a framework to support the learning and experiences of new students, and experienced students tell me this framework allows them to see how all they have learned fits together - the principles and practice. Some of you might be interested in an article called ' There's Method in the Magic. ' I hope you'll enjoy it, and I look forward to sharing more practical aspects of it during our time together in Portland.

All the best,"
Edie Jane 

You can find out more about Edie Jane and her work through the link below, or on her website.
About The Venue

The training is held at the Oregon Humane Society , which has been around for almost 150 years! It keeps getting better and better, and it's such a pleasure to work with the animals there. If you want to work with shelter animals in a supportive environment - come to Portland in April. Tellington TTouch enthusiasts are committed to helping rescue and shelter animals be the best they can be - so they can quickly find forever homes.

Did you know that Portland is the #1 Dog Friendly City in the country? Portland is known as a friendly, environmentally conscious city with countless recreational opportunities and dogs are welcome at most of them. Enjoy a nice walk along the river or at our many wooded parks (the largest being Forest Park with over 5,100 wooded acres) at the end of the training day, or plan to spend an extra day or two and be a Portland tourist. 

Local organizer : Dawn Jansen, 503-705-5062,