Vol. 1, Issue 3, January 17, 2019
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In this week's edition: Early findings from the EmployerOne survey;Space still available for employers at the Connect to Careers Job Fair; Service Providers: You are invited to the Creating a Positive Digital Footprint Workshop.
Early findings from the EmployerOne Survey!
Close to 200 Hamilton based employers have already completed our survey and are sharing important information with Workforce Planning Hamilton. A complete report on the EmployerOne findings will be published by the end of March.

What have we learned to date?

  • The increase in the minimum wage to $14 per hour has affected local employers in negative and positive ways
  • Negative: 46% report they had to increase prices for goods/services to customers
  • Positive: 11% report improved job performance and productive from their employees
  • 85% of employers say they plan to hire over the next year
  • Over 50% say the number of their employees is growing
  • 67% say some positions were hard to fill

If you are a Hamilton based employer and have not completed the survey we would like to hear from you!

By taking 5-10 minutes to complete this survey, you are eligible to win a free booth at the Connect to Careers Job Fair on February 5, 2019 (a $600+ value and access to over 2,500 students and recent grads).

(Our apologies if you have previously received this information. Please complete the survey only once.)
Connect to Careers Job Fair, February 5/19

The Connect to Careers Job Fair is taking place on February 5/19 at the FirstOntario Centre in downtown Hamilton.

There are still a few booths left for employers who have available jobs for students, alumni, and community job seekers.
Community job seekers are encouraged to attend as over 130 employers representing many different industries will be on hand to accept resumes.

Job seekers please show up with your resume and dressed to impress!
You are invited to ... Creating a Positive Digital Footprint, February 19/19
As an employment services profession you understand that your clients’ online image has the potential to either limit them professionally or provide access to future desired job opportunities. 

Jean Teresa Giroux and Anthony Berardi, from Employment Planning and Counselling - Peterborough (EPC) will cover the 
following during their two hour workshop:

  • Tips on how to maintain personal privacy and clean up a poor online image
  • How to strategically utilize social media platforms for networking and self-promotion
  • How to engage online with target employers in a meaningful way
  • The risks and benefits of online engagement

Labour Force Information, Hamilton, December 2018
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