You can shape how the Point of the Mountain grows
In partnership with the Point of the Mountain Development Commission, we are in the public input phase of our visioning efforts for the Point of the Mountain area. We've already received a lot of input from Utahns across the state and we'd like to extend a special thanks to those who have already shared their voices.

If you haven't yet shared your voice, you can still weigh in on multiple scenarios for how the region could develop. With your input, we'll be able to create a vision for the area that the Point of the Mountain Development Commission will present during next year's legislative session.

We want to hear from as many people as possible, so be sure to take the survey yourself and encourage your friends and family to share their visions for the future as well!
2017 Common Good Awards: Takeaways
We'd like to extend a special thanks to everyone who made this year's Common Good Awards such a great success. We'd also like to congratulate our Common Good Award winners— Art Works for Kids and the Utah Women & Leadership Project are doing amazing things to make our community a better place.

Our keynote speaker Amanda Ripley shared insight into the ingredients that make up a world-class education system.

Throughout her remarks, Amanda kept on coming back to three things that really made the difference in the countries she visited.

Everyone needs to take education seriously
Students see a disconnect between words and actions—just saying education is important won't cut it. We need to act like it too. Korea shuts down its stock exchange on the morning of major standardized testing to reduce traffic so students can get to the exam on time.

Teachers deserve respect
We need to seriously look at strategies that will bring prestige to the teaching profession—Amanda pointed out that other countries have increased teacher salaries and admissions standards to accomplish this. Similar to the previous point, if students understand the gravity of their time in school, they are likely to get more out of it.

Change is possible
Recent reforms and improvements to education in other countries shouldn't discourage us, but give us hope that a successful education system is attainable.

Visit to learn about some of the strategies we can all work on to ensure that every child in Utah gets a great education. Stay tuned for more updates as we work to tackle the issues our Utah education system faces.
Vroom Visit: Marissa Kaiser
This month Envision Utah was thrilled to host Marissa Kaiser of the Bezos Family Foundation. Marissa is Program Manager for the early learning platform Vroom.

Our education program staff took Marissa on site visits to several locations throughout the valley where we're concentrating our early learning efforts.

At a meeting with Father Diaz, Rector and Pastor of The Cathedral of the Madeleine, Marissa learned about our efforts to develop an early learning curriculum for parents who attend the Church's young parent and baptismal classes.

With Brenda Van Gorder, Director of Granite School District Preschool Services, we talked about our pilot efforts at the preschool. At back-to-school-night earlier this year, teachers sat down with parents to talk about early learning principles and encourage Vroom app downloads.

And with Dr. R. Neal Davis, a pediatrician with IHC, we learned about some of our successes—his patients have been hearing about Vroom from their preschool teachers—and talked about how we can build early learning and Vroom into interactions between pediatricians and parents.

Throughout her visit, Marissa commented how impressed she was with  the collaborative nature of Utahns   and our willingness to work together to achieve our goal . She also met with  Envision Utah’s  early learning group to learn about our plans for the future.

Stay tuned for more updates as we work to create a cultural shift around early learning throughout the state!

Happy holidays from Envision Utah!
From all of us at Envision Utah, we want to sincerely thank you for your contributions this year. We rely on your donations to carry out these efforts that make Utah a great place to live—now and into the future.

Because of that, we make each donation dollar count. So, thank you all for being visionaries. Here's to a great 2017, and an even better 2018!
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