July, 2022

Hello July!

What are you doing to beat the summer heat? I hope you are finding time to enjoy fun outdoor activities with family and friends that help keep you cool.

Amidst family BBQ's and vacations, keep in mind that the U.S. has also entered the 2022 storm season. On the heels of recovering from previous natural disasters, contractors are facing weather-related delays and material shortages that inevitably put projects on hold. Early preparation is very important in order to stay on track. Continue reading to find out what you can do to stay vigilant.

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Storm Season 2022: Material and Labor Shortages Are Top of Mind for Contractors
Storm season has officially begun for those living in the Southern US and Mexico — and it’s not slated to be an easy one. For the seventh consecutive year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting an above-average period for storms, with the agency forecasting from 14 to 21 named storms from June 1–November 30.

The Southern US is still recovering from the storm season in 2021 with 21 named storms — eight of which made landfall in the United States, causing at least $70 billion in damage.

A micromanagement masterpiece: Where telework works, why mess with it?
On some level, the notion is understandable and meritorious. Old-school management wants to see employees at their desks ready to go on time, bright-eyed, dressed for success and brimming with enthusiasm.

So, perhaps thinking old school, Gov. Glenn Youngkin saw merit in his May 3 dictate that all state employees who’ve been working from home for more than two years shall return to their 9-to-5 lives in state office buildings by July 5 unless they’ve requested and been granted waivers, in some cases with approval necessary from the most senior aide to the governor himself.

Admittedly, I've never been cool enough to be part of the Starbucks cult. But in need of a caffeine-fueled pick-me-up on a 90-degree day, I went to the drive-through for a $4 iced coffee. I soon found myself stuck in the single-car-width lane for more than 20 minutes. After daydreaming about how much momentum I'd need to get over the embankment and through the wall of dense shrubs (as one does), my sensibilities won out. I settled on the simple hope that the barista would at least acknowledge the wait. To my surprise, I got more than I had hoped for... 

To many, customer service means mitigating issues when they arise. But the best customer service doesn't involve waiting for a customer to approach your business with a problem. It's addressing issues proactively, so customers don't have to. The reason many miss this key element is because it's easy to overlook the crucial element of empowering staff, so they're not limited to making up for any wrongs but are proactively making things right. 

Keeping Things Light
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