The Perspective from Here


The pandemic made us all acutely aware that we need social and emotional connections.

A hand to hold, a hug, the warmth of a friendly smile. We have done more than enough virtual connections - and I am grateful that we had this option - but now it is time to get back together, in person.

May we remember the feeling of being isolated so that we don't take our time together for granted. I hope that as you come into the program you not only connect with old friends but make some new ones too. That our space provides you with new energy to reconnect with your child, and as always, our EarlyON Educators are there for you.

The last two years have impacted each of us differently. As we come together, may we do so with grace, respect, and gratitude.

That's the perspective from here.

Stay well,
Pam Rennie, BA, BEd, RECE
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In-Person Programs
Check out our program schedule to see when and where you can find EarlyON's outdoor, in-person programming.

Playful Park 9:30 - 11:00
Baby Trails 10:00 - 11:30
Family INC. 9:30 - 11:00
Play, Learn, Connect (Indoor) 9:30 - 11:30

Virtual Programs

Baby Talk Tuesday's 11:00 - 12:00
Mission to Happiness 5 week parent workshop
Food for Thought Last Tuesday of each month
Little Picasso's Monday's 11:00 - 11:30
Families must register for this event
Food for Thought - March 29, 2022
Play Based Learning
Dana Elliott B.A.Sc., R.ECE
Infant-Parent Therapist
Infant and Child Development Program
Hands, The Family Help Network

Registration opens March 2
Space is limited.
Meals will be provided to the first 25 families registered that live in Muskoka.
Daylight Savings Time - March 13th, 2022

"Spring ahead" can be a very difficult adjustment for all. It especially effects young children and babies. The Sleep Lady gives 9 helpful tips to help your family adjust. Click here to read the full article.
How to Encourage Purposeful Play with Your Kids
It is probably no surprise to most moms that children love to play. Playing is not only essential for kids to get their wiggles out, but a certain type of play is critical for brain development and allows children to gain all the skills they need physically, socially, cognitively, creatively, and emotionally. This kind of play is called “purposeful play,” and parents and teachers should encourage their children to engage in it as often as possible. Click here to read the full article.
EarlyON Team Imagine a Canada________________
Pam - where we foster kinship with all living things
Caitlyn - where harmony is felt with an open heart
Sam - where everyone can live in peace and feel accepted to be themselves
Jenn - where all people will feel valued, respected and safe
Roberta - where all differences are celebrated and valued
Chris - where the truth is acknowledged and not buried
Christine - where we live without fear and love without reservation
Judith - where respect is acknowledged on all levels of life. Humans, animals and planet are one
Carly - where everyone is respectful of our differences
Rachel - where all people are valued and able to live a full, balanced life
Sue - where we embrace the teachings of Indigenous people without prejudice
What parent resource topic would you like to see next?
Ways to help children learn about truth and reconciliation?
Ways to help children learn about indigenous sacred teachings?
About The Workshop
Indigenous Awareness is a complimentary four-hour, in-person remote workshop that lays a foundation upon which to build a working knowledge of Canadian-Indigenous relations and the issues facing Indigenous People today. High level of topics covered:
  • Predominant cultures in North America and Europe at first contact
  • Land usage, governance, family structures and spirituality
  • History of colonization and a chronological history of significant events starting from the Royal Proclamation of 1763
  • Resulting conditions and realities in Indigenous communities
  • Tools for engaging Indigenous People and communities
This engaging workshop will involve a slide presentation, storytelling, and provides the opportunity for learners to ask questions and interact with the trainer and each other. Click here to register!
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