This Thursday: Relax Your Shoulders and Arms
Early Bird Deadlines: 
Today for Knees and Ankles with Mark
Saturday for The Challenge of Pleasure... with Alan Questel
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Earlybird Deadline TODAY for Pt. 1
Pain Free Knees, Healthy Ankles
Thursday: Relax Your Shoulders and Arms
Choice with Alan Questel
Earlybird Deadline SATURDAY for
The Challenge of Pleasure with Alan Questel
Power Center with Dayana
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Hope you had a pleasant holiday and that you're enjoying our little summer preview (at least if you're in the New York area). 

The second of Marek's two related workshops, Relax Your Shoulders and Arms is coming this Thursday, May 31st. Remember, if you attended Your Pain-Free Neck, earlier this month, you'll receive a discount on registration for this week's workshop. See all the details below.

I'm going to teach two workshops, both titled, Healthy Ankles, Pain-Free Knees. The first will be a three-hour evening on Tuesday, June 5th, and then I'll be back with a full day on Saturday, June 30th. I won't repeat material and I welcome you to attend both, but if that's not possible, each workshop will stand on its own. The earlybird deadline is TODAY for the first installment, so don't delay. If your ankles or knees demand your attention for any reason, these workshops help you out. All the details are in the article below.

If you haven't yet registered for guest trainer Alan Questel's two June workshops, the earlybird deadline for Alan's weekend workshop, The Challenge of Pleasure, the Pleasure of Challenge is this Saturday, June 2nd.

Also coming in June is Power Center, taught by Dayana Henwood on June 26th. Come learn about the Feldenkrais perspective on how to more effectively use your "core." Dayana is a dynamic and very thorough teacher who always provides a lot of material for students to take home. If you haven't experienced one of Dayana's workshops, come find out what you've been missing on June 26th.

And Tamala will teach another Introductory workshop on Saturday, June 23rd. Please spread the word among anyone you know who might benefit from the Feldenkrais Method

To sign up online for any of our daily ATM classes, click here. To purchase books and audio programs, click here.These links are also accessible via our website.


As always, thanks so much for reading.  We hope to see you soon.


All the best,


Mark Hirschfield  

Feldenkrais Institute of NY

Earlybird & Bundle Deadline is TODAY!
Pain-Free Knees, Healthy Ankles
with Mark Hirschfield

Tuesday, June 5th
Saturday, June 30th (take one or both)


Healthy knees and ankles are essential for ease in walking, climbing stairs, even moving from sitting to standing. The manner in which weight passes through knees and ankles and the resulting pressure on the joints can vary widely from person to person. Inefficiencies in the distribution or transfer of weight can lead to many common knee and ankle problems-including osteoarthritis, torn menisci, ligament strains, fallen arches and sprained ankles. If you experience knee or ankle pain or have done so in the past, or if you simply want to improve the comfort and stamina of your legs, this workshop is for you. 

On Tuesday evening, June 5th and all day Saturday, June 30th, Mark will teach two related workshops to help you promote and restore strength, flexibility and dependability to your knees and ankles. You'll discover how the flexibility of your ankles can improve the functioning of your knees. Through easy to do exercises, you'll develop a greater sense of the ways in which you use your knees and ankles, in order to improve the ease and comfort of every day movements like sitting, standing, getting out of bed, turning and reaching. 

You can take either of the workshops separately, but your experience will be much richer if you attend both. 

These workshops will help you learn:  

  • How to align your feet and ankles to keep your knees pain-free and improve your balance.
  • How your knees influence the freedom and flexibility of your lower back.
  • Secrets for using your legs and feet for effective stability, stamina and flexibility.

Special Bundle Price: Purchase both Parts 1 (June 5th) and 2 (June 30th) of "Pain-Free Knees, Healthy Ankles" by May 29th for $125.


Date: Tuesday, June 5th
Times: 6:30 - 9:30 pm 
Regular Tuition: $60.00
Earlybird Tuition: $50.00 through Tue., May 29th
Member Tuition: $30.00


Date: Saturday, June 30th
Times: 11:30 am - 5:30 pm
Regular Tuition: $110.00
Earlybird Tuition: $90.00 through Tue., June 23rd
Member Tuition: 20% discount


To Register Online with a 5% Discount, click here.


Location: The Feldenkrais Institute
134 West 26th Street, 2nd Floor

Relax Your Shoulders and Arms
with Marek Wyszynski

Thursday, May 31st


When your neck hurts, everything suffers; from productivity and sleep, to balance and mood. Our head, neck, shoulders and arms move easily and comfortably when supported properly by the skeleton. But when your skeletal support is compromised, the muscles of your neck and shoulders become overburdened, exhausted, stiff and painful. In fact, tension in the neck and shoulders can also cause pain and stiffness in the hands, jaw, ribs, back, and head. 

This three-hour Feldenkrais workshop will introduce you to a gentle and intelligent way to improve the coordination of your neck and shoulders with the rest of your body. It's a small investment of your time and attention, that can yield great results. You'll learn to protect your neck in every day movements while turning, walking, reaching and sitting. The emphasis will be on giving you practical tools for recovering from, and avoiding neck pain. Participants will learn how to:

  • Relax your neck safely and easily.
  • Discover how your feet, hips, chest and abdomen can help to relieve the muscles of your neck and shoulders.
  • Integrate the movements of your spine and pelvis in order to protect your neck and shoulders.
  • Restore the pleasurable patterns of turning, bending and lengthening to your natural repertoire of movement.

Those who attended Your Pain Free Neck on May 15th receive 20% off the tuition for Relax your Shoulders and Arms on May 31st. Please call the Institute at (212) 727-1014 for this discount.


Date: Thursday, May 31st
Times: 6:30 - 9:30 pm 
Regular Tuition: $60.00
Member Tuition: $30.00


To Register Online with a 5% Discount, click here.


Location: The Feldenkrais Institute
134 West 26th Street, 2nd Floor

June 14th
Choice with Alan Questel


Did you ever wish you had more choices available to you?


Maybe you do; maybe you aren't looking in the right places.


Sometimes it's right under your nose, waiting to be revealed.


In this evening together (using everything that's right under your own nose) we will explore choice...investigating and discovering new ways of creating them.


When we feel that our choices are too limited we, unfortunately, keep looking in the same places. What would benefit all of us is to learn to look in places where we don't usually think of looking.


In this workshop you'll have the chance to explore choice in a more fundamental way...through movement...creating the means to develop more choice in your everyday life. You'll discover ways to generate more "choices" in everything you do. Through easy, interesting, novel a risk-free learning environment, you'll be encouraged to discover yourself in new ways, finding new choices, new ways to know yourself better!


Date: Thursday, June 14
Times: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Early Bird Tuition: $60.00 through Thu, June 07.
Regular Tuition: $70.00
Member Tuition: $40.00
Location: The Feldenkrais Institute
134 W 26th St, 2nd Fl
New York, NY 10001
(212) 727-1014
Register for Choice and The Challenge of Pleasure, the Pleasure of Challenge
and receive 10% off the registration fees for both workshops. You must call 212-727-1014 to register with the combined discount.


Earlybird Deadline This Saturday
The Challenge of Pleasure; 
the Pleasure of Challenge
a Two-Day Feldenkrais Method Workshop with Alan Questel

June 16th and 17th



The Feldenkrais Institute is very excited to bring internationally acclaimed Feldenkrais Teacher Alan Questel to New York City for this special two-day public workshop.  Did you ever think it could be a challenge for you to have more pleasure in your life? Or could you imagine experiencing greater pleasure when you are faced with a challenge? Pleasure and challenge, experiences that are too often exclusive of each other, will be the focus of this two-day workshop.


Utilizing Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons you will safely and enjoyably inquire into your own process. The result will be an enhancement of your understanding of what you feel, how you relate and how you respond to the challenge of finding more pleasure in your life and the pleasure of meeting a challenge.


The themes of pleasure and challenge will be explored through movement...making the abstract concrete and giving you an embodied experience of these ideas, not only a cognitive understanding.  It is through movement that you will come to a different understanding of yourself in relation to these ideas.  Of course, there will be some challenge...but an appropriate level for you.  No demands will be made on you that are beyond your ability and I will be there to further adapt the lessons, if need be, to suit you in a way that you can 'succeed' and find pleasure in the processes.  We'll do 3-4 ATMs a day.


Date: Sat and Sun, June 16th and 17th
Times: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Early Bird Tuition: $160 through Sat, June 02.
Regular Tuition: $190
Member Tuition: $(20% off the above rates)
Location: The Feldenkrais Institute
134 W 26th St, 2nd Fl
New York, NY 10001 

(212) 727-1014


Register for Choice and The Challenge of Pleasure, the Pleasure of Challenge
and receive 10% off the registration fees for both workshops. You must call 212-727-1014 to register with the combined discount.
June 16th and 17th
Power Center with Dayana Henwood

If you'd like to improve your posture, boost your energy level, or gain strength and endurance, this workshop is for you.


Tuesday, June 26th

Click here for all the details!


Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method
The "Intro" Workshop for Everyone!
with Tamala Bakkensen

Our new three-hour format introductory workshop is great for newcomers and also answers questions about the underpinnings of the Feldenkrais Method for those who have been around for a while.


Saturday, June 23rd

More info