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Webinar Schedule

Tuesday, March 16


Chuck Anderson - V.P. of Innovation, Plant Nutrient Group, The Andersons
Title: Carbon: A keystone of soil and plant health


Dr. Kauffman - Technical Manager, T&O, Brandt Co/Grigg
Title: Nutrient Management and Reducing Plant Stress to Promote Vigor & Playability 


Dr. Koch - Associate Professor and Researcher, University of Wisconsin
Title: New insights for dollar spot control

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Wednesday, March 17


Paul Grotier & Billy Joe Carey - Belchim Turf Protection, Canada
Title: Disease management solutions post Iprodione


Rachelle Floin - Eastern Region Sales Manager - EcoTea
Title: Soil Microbes & their Benefits in Turf Management


Dr. Nonomura - Ph. D., CSO, Brandt iHammer
Title: Understanding Photosynthetic Processes for Optimal Productivity of Turf and Ornamentals

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Thursday, March 18


Dr. Jesse Benelli - Green Solution Specialist, Bayer Environmental Sciences
Title: History and Discovery of Fungicide Chemistries 


Wray Mason - Allturf Precision Technologies, Allturf Ltd.
Title: Spray Nozzles and Calibration


Greg Bennett - Northeast District Manager, Precision Laboratories
Title: Benefits of using adjuvants in maximizing spray solution; water management

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