Aetna More Dough 2018 Ancillary Bonus Program
2018 Ancillary Bonus Program

Your ancillary product applications could earn you EXTRA CASH this summer! Submit qualifying applications of the following products from May 1 - July 31, 2018 and receive a bonus payout of $25 to $50 per policy:
  • Dental, Vision and Hearing
  • Cancer and Heart Attack or Stroke / Cancer (Georgia)
  • Hospital Indemnity Flex / Hospital Indemnity
  • Recovery Care / Nursing Facility Care
  • Home Care Plus / Home Care
Want to earn even more? If you also submit a qualifying Medicare Supplement application on the same applicant, you can earn up to $50 more per policy. The more applications submitted and policies issued, the bigger the payout.

And don't forget about Aetna's 2018 Med Supp Bonus Program!

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