Cookie Dough &
Catalog Fundraiser!

Let's work hard to sell Cookie Dough and Catalog items to build an OUTDOOR CLASSROOM!
(32' x 24')

All sales for Cookie Dough and the Catalog Items will be ONLINE this year and are due by Sept. 21.
(Need help with online orders? Call Sheila Stephens at 423-902-4448.)

Free Week of Tuition!

  • The Top seller in Infants - PK4 will win a free week of tuition.

  • For K - 8th graders, the top seller will also earn a free week of tuition. (This will be divided by the amount you are paying in your monthly tuition.)
Yesterday was the official "virtual" kick-off of our annual Parent-Teacher League Cookie Dough/Catalog Sale! Students learned how they can help BCA earn money through the Kick-Off Video. (Click to watch video - less than six minutes!)

To make it easy to sell, be sure to:

  • The packets include a catalog of useful and amazing items as well as the cookie dough choices. Once you easily register your student, send emails friends, neighbors, associates to order any item online.

Cookie Dough cannot be delivered to homes due to being perishable. Your customers can have free delivery for catalog items that are shipped to BCA. OR, catalog items may be delivered directly to your customer's homes. (Student is responsible for delivery of cookie dough and catalog items that are shipped to BCA.)

  • Customers and families of students may also make MONETARY DONATIONS in lieu of purchasing items and will allow them to earn prizes. A donation of at least $8 would equal the sale of 1 item and allow student to earn prizes.

  • If someone wants to support our MILITARY men and women, they may donate $25, and our cookie dough provider will send a box of assorted freshly-baked cookies to our troops. See the back of the catalog in the packet or online (Item # 9876).
Prizes that are offered by the cookie dough company will be shipped in your orders that are scheduled to be delivered in October in the gym.
(These prizes are in addition to the free week of tuition that the top-selling families will receive!)
How Your Sales will Benefit BCA:

Last year, we were able to purchase 20 new Google Chromebooks as well as outdoor classroom tables.

This year, we will use proceeds to build an OUTDOOR CLASSROOM/PAVILION that all of our students will enjoy!

Plus, proceeds will also go to fund various school-wide events throughout the school year!
Thank you very much! If you have any questions, please reach out to me!!

Happy Selling!!

Sheila Stephens
´╗┐PTL Fundraising Coordinator