September 2, 2016
Vol. 2, Issue 14
Dear Lakeside Community,

     Happy Friday! We recently had another phase of testing  of our water supply and there hasn't been much change. There are still small amounts of lead in the water in a number of locations, which have been mitigated by running the water in the morning and filters. We have a formal letter and report to share - click HERE to access that information.   

     September 1st marked the announcement that monthly STEM Challenges have started (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math). As a recovering math and science teacher, I'm offering a monthly challenge to any students or teams of students who want to participate. This voluntary monthly challenge is attached HERE, and additional copies are in the office. On Friday, September 23rd, I'll meet with students in the Community Center at lunchtime to have them share their Cardboard Challenge creations...and I'll bring the dessert!

     Taste Nutrition Fridays start Sept 9th  -   Friday  hot lunch will begin on  September 9th . The Taste Nutrition menu is available.  Click here  for instructions to sign up. Orders must be placed by the  Wednesday  evening prior to the  Friday . Thanks to everyone that signed up to help on Fridays - we're 100% covered for the Fall!

      Project Cornerstone will be surveying our 4th and 5th graders in September on the "Countywide Developmental Asset Survey." Most of the districts in Santa Clara County will be participating, and the Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) is picking up the expense of administering the surveys. The data gleaned will help SCCOE focus on trends in the county and services that can help districts better support students.
     The Search Institute survey tools measure students’ attitudes, behaviors, and developmental assets. Developmental assets are positive values, relationships, and experiences that help young people succeed. Because we have so few students, trends may not be possible with our data, as the intent of the survey is also that students not be identified in any way. Permission slips have gone home and should be returned to opt out.
     WANTED: Tech-savvy parents!  Mr. Gull and Mr. Jeremiah are looking for other parents to help with TechTime. We would like 2-3 more parents to help teach tech classes in typing, coding, robots, testing, etc. right after flag, either  8:30 to 9:30 , or  8:30 to 10:15  if your schedule permits. Please contact one/both of them if you are available. Our staff and students thank you.   school on Monday!


Dr. Lisa Gonzales
Interim Superintendent & Lead Learner
Do You Like Math? 
     Or do you have two days a month where you can volunteer during lunchtime?  I'm always looking for opportunities for students and found a great math competition. I'd need some parent help so students could do the online competitions twice a month. Grades 3-5. Please EMAIL ME
Attendance Reminder
See how happy Nancy Heymann is in this picture? That's because we have had two days of perfect attendance.

Please remember that school begins at 8:20 am and students cannot be dropped off before 8 am unless you are here to supervise them. That means if your child is not here by flag salute, s/he is tardy. Click below for info about excused absences, tardies, and independent study.                                    
Have a special talent? Interested in supporting our PTA? Please consider volunteering for our PTA and one of many leadership roles where your support will benefit our students. Click HERE to email the PTA for more information on opportunities.
Our Lakeside School Community Foundation is looking for a few good women and men, especially as auction discussions are starting for spring. Click HERE to email our Foundation leaders for more information on opportunities. We can't do it without you!
Articles of Interest

Upcoming Events

September 5th - HOLIDAY
September 7th - School Board Meeting
      Pizza My Heart Wednesdays start
September 8th - Hearing Testing
September 10th - Family Picnic & Night Out
September 12th - Foundation Meeting
September 14th - Willow Street Pizza Fundraiser Night

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