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Did you know we also offer weigh scales, platforms and readers systems!

Everyone knows we're just better 4Tags but to make the most of your tags to manage your animals weighing systems, data collectors (EID tag readers) and drafters are essential. That's why we're now your One-Stop-Shop for systems, accessories and spare parts.
Finding it hard to decide what you need? Read our article "Choosing the right Gallagher System"....

Finding it hard to decide what you need? Read our article "Choosing the right Tru-Test-System"....

Did you know we also offer Neogen genomic testing pre-paid with TSU! Save time & Money...

We're often asked about genetics and testing but we like to leave those answers to the experts. What we can say is the easiest and safest way to provide a sample is with an Allflex TSU.
Finding it hard to decide what you need? Read our article "Choosing the right Gallagher System"....

Catch up again on our last three newsletters....
Fly, Tick & Lice Control
In this newsletter we covered tick, fly and lice control using eartags and wipes for cattle and horses.

Links to our "How to" article and offers.

GPS Tags & Water Monitors
In this issue we covered the very latest in GPS eartags and how a network could also allow both tag monitoring and water level monitoring.

Links to our "how to" article and starter pack offer from 25 tags to get going...

Special Printing & Solutions
In this issue we covered all types of printing available in different brands of tags. Details of special tag options such as event tags, hat tags and keyrings. Asset tags etc.

Any brand logo or special printing we can help with both artwork and options.

This month's special offers & news....
25 Free with every 100!
Plus FREE Applicator with first 200

This familiar tag design is recognised as the better solution.
We offer 25 tags free with every 100. This is exclusive to 4Tags and you won't find it anywhere else.

New Applicator from Leader!
Here it is, the NEW Leadertag applicator! Ergonomic with a flip away pin.

Strong durable metal and suitable for the 2 piece, Q1 and NLIS Leaders tags. Save with 50% off for a limited time.

Improved NLIS Envirotag from only $2.40 +GST
Offer Extended to 31st January 2021
Now moulded in one piece, strong durable and with a makers lifetime guarantee***

We've special prices and FREE taggers to accompany this new release.

FREE Q-One Tag Applicator
Offer Extended to 31st January 2021
Tag price reduced to only 80c each plus a FREE Applicator with yru first 500 tags.

Multiple special printing options and logo's available.

New NLIS Tag from Drovers!
The new E30 has now replaced the Drovers TurboTag. A free pin will be included with all new orders for Drovers NLIS tags.

It's important that the pin is fitted before applying tags.

Other offers ....
Save 10% on NEW Dual BT2/BT4 Realtrace readers when ordered with EID 200+ NLIS Cattle tags. Add your chosen reader and use Code RTSAVE10N at checkout. Click HERE for options or call us on 1300 813 500
Read more about Fly, Tick & Lice Control Strategies for Cattle & Horse Owners. Our online article, Click HERE
Whatever size, style, type or brand of cattle management tag you need we've got you covered!

Feedlot tags, Two_Piece, On-Piece. We're here to make the whole process easier. Expert impartial advice and the best prices.

Check out the options... Click HERE or call us on 1300 813 500
*All prices quoted are subject to GST **CERTAIN BRANDS © ALL IMAGES SUBJECT TO COPYRIGHT 2020 *** See Makers Terms
With an extra sharp point and ease of application, the Drovers OS-E30 Tag is a popular low cost option.
Chosen by most livestock producers and the reliable quality solution, Allflex remains the tag of choice.
The familiar and reliable Leadermatic tag available at the lowest prices. Popular for all applications.
The NEW and Improved Leader Envirotag is now available at the lowest prices plus a FREE applicator. Popular for all applications.
With the success of the ZeeTag one piece no-snag solution, the Zee Two piece NLIS tag remains popular with an ultra sharp point and quick release applicator.
An innovative and durable tag for long term retention. It's patented double pin locking system is gaining popularity Australia wide for long term retention applications.
New Generic NLIS Cattle tag from FOFIA "Future of Farming in Australia" This familiar, reliable design fits most applicators. Free Applicator offer for orders of 200+
Produced by Allflex the OS-ID tag is a high quality durable tag with ease of application. Buy 100 get 25 free means lower prices for higher quality.
The Agri-ID Round tag from Datamars is a popular solution and choice for professional applications. Trusted by those who know the Agri-ID brand.
The Agri-ID SLim tag from Datamars is a popular modern lightweight choice for professional applications. Trusted by those who know the Agri-ID brand.
For the effective control of buffalo flies on all animals (over 3 months of age). The treatment regime will also reduce potential for diazinon resistance to develop. We offer the full range of Patriot, Cylence Ultra and Co-Ral Plus Bayer tags.
OPtimizer is not affected by pyrethroid resistance in buffalo flies. Controls Buffalo fly, including diazinon-sensitive and pyrethroid-resistant strains. We offer the full range of Optimizer, Python and Agressor Y-Tex tags.
Price Match/Price Guarantee!
With every brand, make and model of tag, we now offer a Price Match/Price Guarantee! We're never knowingly undersold.

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