JUNE 2016

Without apology, I gush over this time of the year. Fireflies flicker, being chased by children trying to catch them in a jar. Living by the ocean, we catch the warm breezes...and the wafting of a familiar scent...wait...it must be the blooming of the magnificent, Rosa rugosa

Yes indeed, we are blessed with this wild rose. Coming to us from it's native eastern Asia, it was introduced to North America in 1845, with its first report of being naturalized on Nantucket in 1899. It took ten years to stray rapidly and cover the entire coast of New England.  All this beauty to prevent soil erosion!

Rosa... not only is she a pretty face...who smells so intoxicating that we want to swoon... but she  also abundantly showers us with both medicinal and edible  graces.  Cooling
, hydrating, astringent, nourishing, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, antiflammatory, heart opening, aphrodiasiac...nutritive, heart tonic, antidepressant...and we could go on. 

My kitchen time has been consumed  with drying for teas, syrups and oil infusions. Fresh petals have been  made into jelly (this recipe is awesome!), infused in honey (lovely for sweetening tea, spread on muffins, bagels, toast, or treating sore throats AND face masks!). My face toner recipe includes Rosa petals infused in honey (check out my  recipes for toner, body butter, face masks!).Right now,  coconut and sunflower oils  sit in the sun, absorbing the soothing goodness of Rosa. After two weeks, petals will be strained out,  with infused oil lying  in wait to become part of my   Orabelle Botanicals  or used with clients in treatment room.   Rosa petal syrup mas been made and found it's way to dressing up both white wine and sparkling water. And let's not forget... Rosa 
cordial   and elixir (rose petals in brandy and honey) and Rosa water (how lovely this water is as a part of the facial toner, or to cook with!).  In the fall, Rosa will present us with hips...but that is a story for September!


So, with gratitude, I bow to thee oh Rosa rugosa...wild beauty of healing and grace, seaside Goddess.  You invoke sweet summer memories...always. 

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