In celebration of   Earth Day on Wednesday April 22  –  and in recognition of the recent trend towards the creation of “victory gardens”  – Hartford Public Library would love to offer a few suggestions to get your started on your own garden.

We have a few suggestions of books from HPL’s online resources to help get you started with your own garden (and give you something to think about).

You can check out our virtual programming every day on our Facebook page, YouTube channel, and on our Instagram account!
Everyday at noon we post a video of a children's story read by HPL Children's Librarian  Denise Martens.  This Wednesday, we'll do a special Earth Day story for children!
Bookmark Making with Tenaya Taylor on Monday

Learn how to design and create unique watercolor designs to brighten up your readings. Follow along with this brief tutorial that helps tap into the artist inside of you.
Reading with
a Local Author
Tune in Tuesday for a local writer sharing their work.
Mindful Movement with Mike 
Join Mike Riley , certified yoga instructor, for gentle Kripalu postures to increase flexibility and awareness.
Planting from Inside
With Sonsharae Owens

Grow inside! Sonsharare Owens from Summer of Solutions teaches us about getting an early start on germinating seeds and how to care for them from the comfort of your home.
FL Studio with Zvlu

Music producer Zvlu demonstrates how to create music beats for artists and commercials
Local presenter profile: Blessings Divine
Each week we'll try to bring you a profile of one of our amazing local online presenters.

This week we start with Divine Blessings , a 27-year-old Hartford hip hop artist, who will bring his positive brand of music to Hartford Public Library’s “Friday Jams” April 17 on Facebook , YouTube , and Instagram

The  Boundless  partnership between  Hartford Public Library  and  Hartford Public Schools  was recently featured in the  School Library Journal . " Boundless benefits our students, teachers, families, and the entire school community. And it profoundly supports our literacy goals which we know are key to student success," said Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez, superintendent of schools.

Reminders about the importance of taking the 2020 Census are rolling throughout Hartford on buses.

There is positive news about the census. Hartford’s response rate has risen from 21.8 to 32.1 percent and the state’s response rate is above the national average. The goal is for the city to be at a response rate of 80 to 100 percent by August.

For more information about the Census and its importance, visit this guide, which has information in both English and Spanish. 

" Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation. " — Walter Cronkite