Earth Day Heroes 2016
From the Secretary's Desk
Earth Day Heroes

There is no doubt in my mind that this agency exists to promote the Vermont that we all love best. From protecting critical wildlife habitat to investing in compact downtowns, we are committed to living in an environment that provides for us while sustaining itself.

This issue of Ripples highlights six of our staff who work hard to promote the key values that this Agency embodies. Respect. Protect. Enjoy. That's what we strive for at ANR, and with your help, we're doing all three.

The Best Job In The World

" I've wanted to be a warden since I was fourteen years old. Now, I get to go out every day and do what I love."

Meet Chad Barrett
Game Warden and Exotic Species Specialist

You Do What?

" It's really easy to take clean drinking water for granted. I love working with the TNC program because it's all about protecting the public health of Vermonters."

Meet  Meredith Simard
Transient Non-Community Drinking Water Program Coordinator

There's Only One

" When someone calls the Salvage Yard Program number, it's me that they reach. I know that I can affect real change in the environment through my work. "

Meet  Shawn Donovan
Salvage Yard Program Coordinator
In For The Long Haul

He earned $3.02 an hour when he was first hired as a forest technician in 1975. Four decades later, he's still at it, caring for the trees he loves.

Meet  Steve Sinclair
Director of Forestry

Boots On The Ground

" When I can have a conversation with someone, show them what inspires me about the woods and plants, and see them look beyond "all that green" and find a personal connection, I have a good day."

Meet  Elizabeth Spinney
Invasive Plant Coordinator
Photo courtesy of VPR.
In the News

Richard Spiese is used to cleaning up messes, but few of the hazardous waste sites he has dealt with have been as newsworthy as the recent perfluorooctanic acid (PFOA) contamination in Bennington County.

Alongside other dedicated ANR staff, Richard is assisting local residents with testing their drinking water and understanding their results. A member of DEC's Waste Management Division since 1987, Richard has worked at over 400 hazardous waste sites to make sure that surface water, groundwater and air quality are restored to state standards.

For more information about the Agency's work with communities affected by PFOA contamination, visit the Agency PFOA Response Updates webpage.
Climate Change in Vermont

This Earth Day, ANR launches its new climate change websiteCheck out the climate dashboard with information on how Vermont's climate is changing, and find out how you can take action on your land and in your communities.
Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations go to Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne for his winning photo contest submission! This round of entries focused on changes in Vermont's climate and how Vermonters are preparing for climate change impacts. Jarlath's photo captured flooding along Route 2 in Middlesex on February 25th, 2016. It was taken by a senseFly eBee operated by the University of Vermont's Unmanned Aircraft Systems Team.
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