Earth Day, Every Day

Dear Educators,

Our favorite day of the year is here. In honor of Earth Day, we are offering our free Green Classroom Certification program with pre-planned action projects to get your students outside and celebrating our wonderful planet.

Pick one of the action project ideas from below and you'll be one step closer to meeting state standards and having your classroom become Green Certified.

This opportunity is open to classrooms who have already completed their in-class workshop or classrooms that register today to host their introductory workshop before April 30th*.

*After registration, the intro workshop is the first of four steps to receiving Green Certification. Learn more.

Ideas for Action Projects in Honor of Earth Day
Ideas for Action Projects-
  • School or Community Litter Pick-Up
    • Host one of our conservation workshops and then participate in a litter pick-up around your school or neighborhood. We will provide gloves, bags, trash tongs, and an extra set of hands to help. Students will sort and recycle waste after the pick-up.
  • Garden Work Day
    • Host one of our conservation workshops and then put your students to work in the school garden. Options include weeding, planting, creating signs for each plant, or building a compost area - whatever TLC your school garden needs. Don't have a school garden? Use ours.
  • Community Outreach
    • Host one of our conservation workshops and then share what you learned with your neighbors. Create posters or informational brochures and then go for a walk, posting and handing them out as you go. This is a great opportunity to link writing and artwork in the classroom to community outreach, while getting outside and enjoying a spring walk.
  • Waste, Water, or Energy Audit
    • Host a Waste Prevention workshop and then connect Earth's natural resources to consumption and waste management in our everyday lives. Students will sort through trash bins, collecting data (weight, type of waste, etc) and brainstorming solutions to increase awareness of correct sorting practices.  Get multiple classrooms involved and tackle larger areas such as the lunch room, staff room, or outdoor garbage cans.
    • Host a Water Conservation workshop and then explore water use in your school. Students will observe how water is used around the school in bathrooms, classroom sinks,the lunch room, outdoor sprinklers and the school garden. Students will calculate total daily water use and brainstorm ways to conserve. 
    • Host an Energy Efficiency and Climate Change workshop and then calculate energy use in your classroom. Incorporating science, math and teamwork, your students will find the total carbon emissions generated from electronics, lighting, and transportation. After everything is totaled, brainstorm solutions to reduce your overall carbon footprint.
  • Create your own
    • Have a great idea to celebrate Earth Day? Know of a fun outdoor science activity? We'd love to hear it. Contact us at to schedule your workshop and we'll help you plan your own Earth Day project.

Contact us today at  to get registered or scroll down from more information.

GCCAbout Green Classroom Certification

A FREE program to help teachers integrate conservation education into curriculum and initiate positive action in the classroom.    Read more.  

The Steps
We'll walk you through each step of the program to ensure you have all the support you need to be effective and have fun. The four simple steps should only take about 1 month to complete.
    1. Host a Workshop
    2. Make a Pledge
    3. Complete an Action Projectactionproject
    4. Receive your Certificate!

The Benefits

Each workshop is grade level appropriate, engages the students, and encourages direct involvement and initiative in their own learning.

  • Zero cost
  • Minimal time commitment for teachers
  • Meets current state academic standards in Common Core ELA, Washington EALRS, and Next Generation Science
  • Receive 10 hours of free support from our Green Classroom Coordinator

The Topics
Each workshop includes the introduction and discussion of current environmental issues and encourages action through brainstorming possible solutions. See how each of our workshops can help you meet  Common Core and Science Standards  for your classroom.

Contact us to get started today. 

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