Celebrate Earth Day:
Thursday, April 22, 2021

Covid-19 is still present and around us in the world today, however, we shouldn’t let that stop us from celebrating and recognizing our home! Earth day is a day specifically created to focus on our planet and take care of the place we inhabit each-and-every day of our lives.

Take some time this Earth Day to do something for you and your home!

  1. Grab your kids, friends, family, and head outside. Enjoy the great outdoors and what nature can provide for you. Clear your mind by taking a walk, smelling the flowers, going cloud watching, or even going for a bike ride!
  2. Put on your gloves and go out into your community to pick up trash. Clean up the space that you live to take care of it, and help nature blossom into the warmer months by cleaning up what Mother Nature cannot breakdown for the good of the earth and the plants that need the nutrients in the soil. She may not be able to thank you, but cleaning up the world you live in is greatly appreciated! To learn more, click here to view a few tips on the best way to go about cleaning up nature: https://wctrust.org/how-to-safely-pick-up-plastic-litter/ .
  3.  Plant a garden! Whether it be colorful flowers to spruce up your home, or a vegetable garden, grabbing some seeds and planting them with your family around your landscape is a great way to spend time in nature and also provide a little something for yourself!

The best tips for planting a garden that we can offer are:

  • Know the space you will be planting in. If it is full shade, full sunshine or a mix of both, different plants will be able to live in each setting. When you are buying seeds or small pre-grown plants, they should have the information provided for the preferred growing space.
  • When you are planting pre-grown plant material (not seeds), make sure to score the roots prior to planting into the ground to allow them to grow naturally. If you let them remain in the shape of the container, the roots will grow in that shape, and later kill the plant.
  •  Know how far apart to plant your plant material. Some prefer being closer or farther away from other plants, and these instructions should also be on the packaging when you go to buy them.

To plant a fruit or vegetable garden, keep a few different things in mind:

  • Plant what you enjoy eating the most. Having it home grown rather than store bought is much more satisfying!
  • When planting fruits or vegetables, look into which plants should be planted next to one another as well as what time of year to plant certain fruits or veggies. Certain plants will overtake and kill its neighbor, such as planting potatoes next to tomato plants. Tomato plants grow large and tall, and will block the sunshine from reaching potato plants on the ground.

If you would like to read more about planting your flower or edible gardens, check out any of the following websites for more tips or valuable information: 

Arbor Day:
Friday, April 30, 2021
There is a second day in April that focuses on the great outdoors and appreciating what mother nature has provided for us. We have Arbor day!

Arbor Day literally translates to “tree day” and originated around 1872 at a time that the state of Nebraska was devoid of any trees. That year, it was said the Nebraskans planted over one million trees, and Arbor Day soon after declared a national holiday. The Unites States is not the only country that celebrates Arbor Day. Most of the world knows what it is and will have their own specific day to celebrate it, however, the U.S. recognizes Arbor Day on the last Friday in April. The overall goal, however, remains the same. We aim to plant, grow and preserve trees so that we might properly take care of our planet.

Anewalt’s is proudly celebrating Arbor Day once again! We will be handing out Scotch Pine Seedlings to anyone in the community who is able and interested in stopping by our shop on Friday, April 30th between 11am-3pm. We will be running a drive thru, similar to last year, to practice social distancing.

If you would like to call ahead to reserve a pine, call our office at 610.916.7070. Or, simply show up throughout the day and receive a pine while our supplies last! 

With each pine, we will provide the proper way to care for and plant the seedling, and hopefully, years from now, it will be a large presence in your landscape that you treasure and take pride in the fact that you grew it from a tiny seedling.
We hope to see you on April 30th!

For more facts about Arbor Day, you can check out the following links!

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