Volume III | March 2017
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Earth Day is fast approaching and we cannot let you sit on the side lines and not be an active participant in the celebratory activities!! From now until Earth Day we will be sending you informational emails and ways to save money for Earth Day!

To be educated means to know what to do and what not to do; in the case of; how to make the world a better and happier place when it comes to Earth Day! Mother Earth is important every day of every month but April 22nd is the official day to celebrate. Are you ready for Earth Day? How will you contribute to saving the Earth? 

Visit our website and see all the informational video how to's  on different subjects and products that can save you time, money, and most importantly- energy...
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Did you know?

Even though Earth Day was started by Democrat Senator Gaylord Nelson; Republicans such as Richard Nixon and Teddy Roosevelt historically valued the Earth and implemented legislation that still helps Americans and the Earth.   

 Richard Nixon was a huge environmentalist; he was actually one of the first to push through steps to make the Earth more safe when it comes to environmental issues.   On Jan. 1, 1970, Former President  Richard Nixon  signed the National  Environmental  Policy Act into law. Six months later, he proposed the creation of the  Environmental  Protection Agency, which opened for business in early December. The EPA subsequently passed its first piece of legislation, the Clean Air Act, in 1972.

While Nixon is generally scorned as a presidential figure, his actions in the environmental realm appear, by most accounts, to have been genuine and thorough and are often overlooked in the historical record. 

6 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Earth Day NOW! 

1. Don't Drive - ride a bike, ride the bus, walk, or take the train- just find a way to save and be more eco-friendly for your transportation 

2. Recycle E-Waste - find a responsible E-Waste location and properly dispose of your old electronics 

3. Plant Food - becoming self-sustainable and growing your own food is becoming a way of the future and you can do it from talk scraps and in your home! 

4. Share Something - whether you give someone a ride to work or offer something of yours to someone else; it's always refreshing to share 

5. Go Solar - from charging your cell phone to your home, solar energy is the greatest way to save energy!

6. GO OUTSIDE - and enjoy nature! from a walk in the park to sitting on the porch watching the clouds pass- enjoy mother nature!
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