Here's Bobby!

Here are my top reasons why you should attend Earth Day on Saturday in Kenton Park

Reason #1 - I miss you, and this will give us a chance to catch up! 

I moved here in 2002. Back then, Earth Day was put on by
Often, the charge was led by my friend, Bob New, and fun was had by all.

For the last couple of years the City Repair folks have decided that Earth Day has been more than they could handle and so, we went without a "community-based" Earth Day.

This year, Bob decided to TAKE THE BULL BY THE HORNS, and he's (and many volunteers) making it happen

and thus

has been born! 

Come out on Saturday. by bike, by helicopter, by foot - but come. It's the day every year when we all get to meet in a field (think Rumi poem) and find out who's doing cool work in Portland and learn more about all this cool stuff and find our place in the field of cool stuff being done.

I kid you not. Many of us will be having booths, playing music, painting faces, offering food, talking permaculture - all in Kenton Park that most of us have never been to. Did I mention the live music - and, Dancing!? Did I mention the super kid-friendly atmosphere? Did I mention supporting Bob? 

Trust me, if a lot of us show up, and dance in the rain, mud, sleet and sunshine that is the weather-mix right now, it will be totally awesome. It always is. Always. 

Yes, I will be there 
yes, you will be, too. 

Bring the flyer of the cool thing you're working on. 
Bring your business cards 
Bring gear for all weather 
Heck, bring a weather-proof tent and set it up so we can all be cozy together 
But over all
Bring it!


PS - want to make Bob really smile? Sign up in advance for a volunteer shift! 
Here's my Earth Day newsletter from 2009! How time flies! 
Earth Day 2008, paint job by Rolando, the year it hailed!
Come join me on Saturday. It will be a blast!