Those with the psychic sensitive body themes can live in a world of fear for their safety or can become great contributors to our world with their artistry...
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Earth Elemental Exercise: A Free Demonstration
Earth Elemental Exercise
Earth Elemental Exercise
Join Jim Morningstar in one of the exercises the Daoists have devised over several thousand years directed to helping bodies balance their 5 elements for health and wellbeing. These exercises develop balance and flow through the facial system more than building muscle mass and strength. It is about stretching the facia and moving energy through it and consciously opening the flow between heaven and earth, which is our role as human beings. If curious about the other elemental exercises you can refer to Damo Mitchell's text, Heavenly Streams, from which this exercise came. I recommend that you find a way to stand, watch the video clip and do the exercises with me as I demonstrate. This is one of the exercises taken from Being and Living the Love You Area nine month journey you can take with Jim.

 Who, me be a breathworker?
What is Professional Breathwork Training?
What is Professional
Breathwork Training?
  • Some participants in our once every two years residential breathworker training, are professionals who can directly translate the skills learned into their work with clients. 
  • Others use the skills to energize and empower their relationships
  • Still others  enhance their presence and joy in  being  alive and serve the world as an example of the  transformative power of the heart and breath.
  • But everyone who shares this 5 days of deep cleansing and creative growing  comes away with:
* Greater joy and confidence in their life and work, 
* Healthy breathing skills to offer to individuals and groups,
* Insight and effectiveness in knowing how to address issues of trauma recovery,             depression, anxiety and addictions,
* A daily experience of self love in their bodies. 

Reserve your place today (below) or for more information contact Jim Morningstar.

Breathworker Certification for you: August 13-17, 2017
Cedar Valley Resort
Come this  August 13-17, 2017  to Cedar Valley In Wisconsin for  a true body and soul renewal.  
Learn to breathe fully and freely for personal transfor m ation and professional enhancement. Add a new set of internal skills and teach them to to others with confidence. 
Four Levels of Training  as a professional breathworker.                        Reserve your place now: Information and Registration