Shared Values, Diverse Beliefs.
Addition to the June Monthly Newsletter: June 3, 2019

Social Justice News – – June 2019
Ron Malzer, Outgoing Chair

Big changes are happening in our team! After 4 ½ years as Social Justice chair, I’m passing the baton to David Boen. Our team is sending a request to the June Board Meeting that our team be allowed to use a new and expanded name: “Social and Environmental Justice Team.”

Wrapping up the Fellowship year that went from June 2018 to May 2019, I think our team has a lot to be proud of. We continued the tradition of tabling at major community events that resonate with our values. These include: Pride Fest (we’ve tabled every year since its start), the first ever PeopleFest, and, with significant work by our Communications Team, presence at the Myrick Hixon Earth Fair and Progresstival at the Concordia Ballroom. And in fall 2018, our team took the lead, with excellent help from Office Administrator Emmy Carlson and Outreach Coordinator Donna Bauer, to take a major role in our community’s voter awareness and registration drive. The November elections had an amazing turnout, a very gratifying result.

Looking forward, the team will be now in David Boen’s hands. He brings at least two very valuable skills to his team leadership. First, he has a great deal of involvement with both environmental and arts-focused organizations in our community. Second, in the course of his decades of employment as a technical educator at Trane Company, he’s has incredible expertise in the area of environmental impact and sustainability. It’s no coincidence that he’s already taken the lead starting our partnership with Kane Street Garden, allowing us to plan a project that will have involvement of many teams and  touch many areas of Fellowship life.  And on top of all that, he’s a great cut-up, and a purveyor of chocolate!

That’s the news for now. I look forward to an exciting year of growth for our Social Justice Team, and our Fellowship as a whole.

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