Long Beach Sustainability Spring Newsletter, April 2019
LB Sustainability Newsletter Earth Month Edition
Dear Friend,

Each quarter we create a newsletter with updates on sustainable programs, projects, and events from our office and others in the City of Long Beach. For this newsletter, we're focusing on Earth Month and the Go Green Pledge campaign! We also encourage you to participate in events this month to learn, volunteer, and enjoy. Find events on our Green Events Calendar or view the Earth Month Poster below:
On Tuesday, Mayor Robert Garcia officially marked the beginning of Earth Month activities by proclaiming April as Earth Month and April 22, 2019 as Earth Day in Long Beach. Community events highlighting sustainable actions are scheduled throughout the month. Community members will have opportunities to learn more about simple ways they can help protect the environment.

For each week throughout the month of April, the City will highlight a different aspect of environmental sustainability. The weekly highlights include saving water, waste reduction, urban nature and green transportation. Each topic corresponds to a pledge. Residents can choose to take one pledge or commit to all the pledges for the month. Prizes will be raffled to pledge participants each week and at the end of the month. Community members can take the pledge online at www.longbeach.gov/gogreenpledge and participate and follow on social media using #GoGreenPledge.

Save Water Week April 1-7
The Go Green Pledge has partnered with Long Beach Water to promote water conservation efforts in the city of Long Beach. Choose any of LB Water’s featured songs - perfect for your one-song shower of 5 minutes or less. By taking shorter showers you are helping to preserve one of our most precious natural resources, water!

Visit  liveh2olb.com  to learn more on water conservation in the city of Long Beach.

Find music to fuel your one song showers at  https://liveh2olb.com/art-and-culture/

Waste Reduction Week April 8-14
This week we’re focusing on Waste Reduction in Long Beach. Along with the Environmental Services Bureau and Algalita, we’re suggesting that you pledge to avoid single-use disposable straws and utensils by bringing your own.

At  www.longbeach.gov/BYOLBC  find tips and tricks on how to reduce your waste and refuse single use plastics for the month of April.

Go to  www.longbeach.gov/FFLB  for information on how to be #FoamFreeLB
Urban Nature Week April 15-21
Urban nature is everywhere in Long Beach, support the pledge by planting climate-friendly plants at your home go out to one of the many volunteer events this month. There are many volunteer opportunities to help clean up beaches and parks or care for native plants.

Visit  Las Palitas Nursey  for more information on native plants available in the area.

Attend a  Native Plant Workshop  for hands on experience with local plants.

Find volunteer opportunities on the  Earth Month Calendar . Environmental events and volunteer opportunities are also posted on the  Green Events Calendar  all year.

Green Transportation Week April 22-29
There are over 272,000 cars registered in Long Beach. If each car cut 1 mile of driving in a week, that would be the equivalent of planting 517 acres of forest. Using green transportation is a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint, Long Beach is home to buses, bike share programs, and electric scooters that can tran sport you safely without all the emissions.

Long Beach Transit wants to help you keep your Go Green Pledge promise. Visit  https://ridelbt.com/  to learn about discounted fares and how to plan your trip.

Learn more about  Long Beach Bike Share .

See Bike Long Beach’s  Facebook  and  Twitter  pages for more information on events, meetings and infrastructure updates in the City.
Mulch the Gulch!
Volunteer with us this Earth Month and help us care for the native plant restoration area at Willow Springs Park which forms a natural gulch. We will spread mulch and remove invasive species to help the native plants thrive. 

April 20th 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. , parking is available in the Willow Springs Park parking lot at 2755 Orange Avenue.

Please wear sun protection, closed toed shoes, and bring your own reusable water bottle.

More information on Earth Month events here.
Let’s Tackle Climate Change!
The City of Long Beach is developing its first-ever Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP), and we want you to be part of the process! 

The CAAP will help to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, prepare the community for the impacts of climate change, improve the quality of life, and enhance economic vitality in Long Beach.

Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter using #CAAPLB.
Join us at the Native Plant Workshops at Willow Springs Park every 2nd Saturday to learn about native plants and volunteer in the restoration area. Upcoming class topics are online.
Edible Garden Workshops have expanded to more locations in libraries. Visit our website for a list of upcoming workshops. Contact us have the dates sent to your inbox each month
As part of the California Green Business Network (CAGBN), Long Beach certifies and recognizes green businesses for their efforts to protect the environment. Below are the businesses that were certified in Q1 2019. 

Find more green businesses and get your business certified at www.longbeach.gov/greenbusiness.
Commissioner Spotlight
Get to know the members of the Sustainable City Commission.

Carla Dillon has served on the commission for two years and is thrilled to see the City’s continued commitment to Sustainability. She has worked in the environmental sector for over 25 years, with experience in water, wastewater, noise, odor control, air, storm water, groundwater cleanup, and industrial waste. She is currently the Public Works Director in the City of Lomita. She holds BS and MS degrees in engineering, a doctorate in Public Administration, and is a licensed professional engineer. Carla and her husband, Peter, have lived in Long Beach’s Fifth District for six years.
Come to the next Sustainable City Commission meeting: 
Next meeting is April 25, 2019
Join us at the next Longview Litter Patrol
The first Friday of each month the Office of Sustainability teams up with volunteers to take care of Longview Point at Willow Springs Park. Join us for the next event:
Next Event April 5, 2019.
Find more sustainable events in Long Beach on our
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